High Level Throwing® - Arm Pathway Training

by Austin Wasserman
High Level Throwing® - Arm Pathway Training


In this High Level Throwing® course, Austin Wasserman shares the techniques for arm pathway development for overhand throwing athletes. 

The Water Bottle Drill is a great patterning throwing drill that will enhance an athlete’s understanding of arm pathway with less resistance than an actual throw! Less resistance = less interference with your current throwing volume while enhancing the arm pattern!

An efficient arm path will reduce the risk of shoulder and elbow stress by allowing the body to supply the force in a throw, not the arm! It creates proper timing between the arm and the lower body! 

We want athletes to FEEL what it’s like to move THROUGH positions during a throw, instead of training static, robotic pauses within a throwing sequence. The Water Bottle Drill will help athletes do just that! 

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