Hitting Made Simple Mechanics Course

by Ryan Basham
Hitting Made Simple Mechanics Course


Old school teaching meets new school teaching in this course designed to simplify the mechanics of the swing. This course is beneficial for hitters of all ages and skill ranges, as well as for those that want to teach the skill of hitting. Included are 30+ drills and exercises covering every aspect of the swing.

The course puts an emphasis on helping hitters develop the two most important swing attributes:

  • Bat Speed/Power
  • Consistently Good Bat Path

*BONUS: Also included are two seperate hitting plans that follow along with the principles outlined in the course. The plans can be downloaded or printed for use on the go.


1 Hitting Made Simple Mechanics Intro
2 The Big Picture
Chapter 1: Using the Ground Properly
3 Using the Ground Properly 0:38 4 Hitting Foundation 2:19 5 Weight Transfer Bucket Drill 6 Front Leg Blocking Bucket Drill 7 Weight Transfer Take Drill 2:03 8 Uphill Mound Drill
Chapter 2: Rotating Efficiently
9 Rotating Efficiently: Creating a Tight Turn 1:07 10 Drop Drill 11 Hands Isolation Drill 12 Rotating Efficiently: Twist vs Spin 3:00 13 Efficient Rotation Drills 14 Full Turn Drill 15 Closed Stance/ Posted Leg Front Drills
Chapter 3: Other Ways to Increase Power
16 Other Ways to Increase Power 1:22
Chapter 1: Swing Shape
17 Maintaining Swing Shape: Wrists 1:55 18 Wrist Demo 0:51 19 Maintaining Swing Shape: Grip 0:48 20 Grip Demo 3:02 21 Bottom Hand Drill 22 Top Hand Drill 23 Band Arm Path Drills 24 Belt Arm Spacing Drill
Chapter 2: Swing Plane
25 Getting on Plane with the Pitch 0:49 26 Keep Front Shoulder from Flying Out 27 Attack Angle vs Launch Angle 2:49 28 More About Getting on Plane 1:51 29 Forward Facing Drill 30 Rolled Ball Drill 31 Just Right Drill
32 Fundamental Movements 0:35
Chapter 1: Pelvic Control
33 Pelvic Control 0:54 34 Pelvic Control Drills
Chapter 2: Hip Hinge
35 Hip Hinge 1:52 36 Chair Hinge Drills 4:35 37 Crossover Drill 38 Get Up Drill
Chapter 3: Disassociation
39 Disassociation 1:09 40 Single Leg Disassociation Drill 41 PVC Strides and Turns Drill
42 Kinematic Sequence & Deceleration Made Simple
Chapter 1: Connection
43 Kinematic Sequence & Connection 2:21 44 Back Arm Connection Drill 45 More on Ground Reaction Force 3:17 46 Single Arm Connection Drills 47 Arm Cast Connection Ball Drill
Chapter 2: Deceleration
48 More on Deceleration 1:31 49 PVC Check Swing Drills 50 Speed Check Swing Drill 1:50 51 Wrap and Bounce Drill 2:29
52 Course Wrap Up 0:23
HITTING PLAN PDFs (download/print)
53 Bat Speed/Power Hitting Plan 54 Bat Path Hitting Plan

The Coach

As a player, Ryan Basham was a 3 time All-State selection at Lowell High School (Indiana), a two time All-Big Ten and team MVP at Michigan State University, and Rookie of the Year and All-Star Game MVP in independent professional baseball's Frontier League. Over his 3 year college career, Ryan hit .340 with 39 doubles, 24 home runs, and 123 RBI. Through his 5 seasons of professional baseball, he hit .285 with 102 doubles, 50 home runs, and 262 RBI. 

Coach Ryan's passion is teaching the art of hitting. He has dedicated his post-playing days to helping hitters of all ages improve their game. He has coached at the high school, travel, and college levels, and has provided private hitting instruction for over 13 years. Throughout his years of teaching, he's worked with thousands of hitters of all ages and skill ranges. He currently owns and operates Basham Baseball, LLC, an instructional facility in Whitestown, Indiana. 


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