How to Throw a Pre-Game Bullpen

This course talks about how to properly prepare for pitching in a game. Not only does it require warming up sufficiently but also being in the right place mentally. Coach Bob Byrd shows you how important a routine is for a pitcher and a provides a checklist for each pitch. 

TimKafer Tim Kafer Baseball instructor at Baseball Excellence

Bob Byrd has coached amateur baseball for over 18 years and is one of the founders of Baseball Excellence. Bob says, "I believe a coach has a responsibility to do his best to teach the game. In fact, the permanence of the game of baseball relies on its good coaches. A coach should become a teacher and a student of the game. He should place a great deal of importance on continuing education. His role should be one of instruction and development. Bob has a 22 year-old son Stephen, a college pitcher.

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