ProSwing`s Fundamentals to America`s Past Time

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Join us as the best baseball facility in the northeast talks about how to get players from the youth level through high school to the next stage.  Coach Matty Maher goes in depth about hitting, running, pitching and more with special guest stars to further drive the points home. Get ready to play ball. 


Hitting Secrets
1 The No Stride Drill 03:05 2 The Motion Drill 02:58 3 The One-Legged Drill 02:48 4 The Separation Drill 03:22 5 The Rotational Drill 03:39 6 Top Hand-Bottom Hand Drills 04:48
Situational Series (Coaching Series)
7 The Single to Left Field 03:39 8 The Single to Right Field 02:20 9 The Single to Center Field 02:02
Turning Double Plays
10 Turning a Double Play - Flips from 2B 05:21 11 Turning a Double Play - Flips from SS 05:08 12 Turning a Double Play - Receiving as a 2nd Baseman 05:44 13 Turning a Double Play - Recieving as a Short Stop 05:56
Catching Tips
14 The Secret to Fielding Bunts 03:52 15 Catching Tips - The Set Up 05:39 16 How to Throw Out a Stealing Base Runner 03:48 17 How to Block The Plate 04:10
Outfield Drills
18 How to Crow Hop - Increasing Speed and Accuracy 03:51 19 Outfield Tips - Fielding the Baseball - Knowing the Situation 04:21
Hitting Mechanics
20 Hitting in Different Counts (ADVANCED) 04:32 21 The 7 Steps to the Perfect Baseball Swing 02:59 22 Routine and Rhythm 03:19 23 How to Hit Off of a Tee 06:10 24 Batting Cage Tips - The Art of the Coin-Op 03:00 25 How to Hit a Baseball - ProSwing's Hitting Checklist 02:43 26 Yankees Hitting Coach Gives 3 Tips to Perfect Your Swing 02:59
Pitching Mechanics
27 3 Tips to Become a Better Pitcher with Former Red Sox Frank Rodriguez 03:15 28 Mariano Rivera Teaches 3 Important Pitching Tips 02:08 29 The 6 Steps to the Perfect Pitching Motion 03:48 30 How to Throw Harder - Pitching Tips from a Former Boston Red Sox 05:07
Running/Sliding Drills
31 How to Slide 03:59 32 Base Running Tips - The 3 Ways to Become a THREAT on the Base Paths 04:30 33 How to Take a Lead from 1st Base 04:09

The Coach



Train - Educate - Inspire


Our facility's trainers are all ex players with decades of experience at our back. Coach Matty Maher was named to ESPN the Magazine's 1st Academic All-American Team in 2009. He is the All-Time hit and steal leader at Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Division I campus. There are also MLB special guests sprinkled throughout.

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