The 12 Hitting Disciplines

In this informative baseball video course, Matt Nokes demonstrates how to become so familiar with your job a pitcher that hitting home runs becomes second nature.

Nokes breaks down his innovative approach toward hitting into 12 simple disciplines and shows you to how to combine them into an effective hitting strategy. Learning and refining these steps will provide you with the confidence and ability to hit like a champ.

MattNokes Matt Nokes Former 10 yr. MLB Player, Silver Slugger Award winner, Author, Keynote Speaker, Hitting Coach, transforming hitters careers

Matt Nokes played eleven seasons in Major League Baseball for the San Francisco Giants (1985), the Detroit Tigers (1986–1990), New York Yankees (1990–1994), the Baltimore Orioles, and the Colorado Rockies (1995). Ive been working with hitters for over 20 years taking one by one on to become a D1 or MLB prospect through Hitting Solutions.

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great info from Matt Nokes as usual
Aug 9, 18 06:13 AM