The Swing Worth Millions

by Charley Lau Jr.
The Swing Worth Millions


You won't find a harder hitting course than Charley Lau's "The Swing Worth Millions". In over 110 minutes, Lau reveals his legendary swing technique and baseball hitting mechanics used by today’s best sluggers such as Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, Matt Kemp and and many more. 

Charley shows you the best baseball hitting drills to develop a high performance swing for all hitters and includes girl’s fast pitch softball. He finishes with speed and agility and strength training specific to the baseball swing and tops it off with secrets about timing and live hitting with his personal magic to achieving the swing worth millions. 

On top of having the ability to take these incredible tips anywhere you go, streaming from every device -- you will get the chance to meet the man himself! Students will receive a FREE 1-on-1 swing analysis from Charley Lau Jr. You won't find this offer anywhere else but CoachTube!


What's included:

Part 1 - "The Absolute Swing Mechanics"
Charley discusses in detail the mechanics and absolutes of hitting, illustrating how they are utilized by all the elite sluggers in the game today.

Part 2 - "Drilling for Millions"
Charley provides a step by step approach to building the swing with his patented hitting drills that develop  proper mechanics and eliminate swing flaws.

Part 3 - "The Finishing Touch"
Charley shares his secrets about timing and live hitting. He tops it off with speed and agility drills as well as baseball instruction and strength training specific to the baseball swing.



FREE Live Swing Analysis with Charley Lau Jr.
As a special gift for booking this course on CoachTube, Charley is offering his students a free 1-on-1 swing analysis session over GoToMeeting. Students will get to meet the man himself and get specialized hitting tips to continue developing their swing.

Q&A with Charley
Provides insights about the state of the game today, and answers the most controversial toppings on baseball hitting still out there.

"Swing for the Fences!" - Golf & Baseball Magazine
The secrets MLB batting coach shares with his superstar sluggers can also help you develop more power off the tee and better accuracy with every iron in your bag.

"Lau's Laws of Hitting" (Sample Chapter)
Written by a man who is not only the son of the most famous batting coach of all time, but who is also a professional hitting instructor with an impressive track record of his own, this book incorporates two decades of new information, observations, teaching techniques, player analysis, and refinements to the Lau System. And, in response to numerous reader requests, it includes sections specifically designed to help coaches at all levels teach the Lau System most effectively.


See you on the field!


The Coach


Charley Lau Jr.

MLB & and Professional Hitting Instructor


Charley Jr., picked up where his father left off. After working as a minor league hitting coach, he began teaching privately to youngsters at all ages.

He greatly expanded on his father’s legendary teachings by clarifying and dispelling the myths and misunderstandings of the hitting system. He broke the swing down in to digestible pieces and developed drills that took away flaws and developed a much more improved swing.

His reputation grew rapidly when one his students was the 1st overall pick in the 1993 major league baseball draft. His name? Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod struggled in his first year at the major league level, hitting a miserable .232. He went back to Charley Jr. to fix the flaws in his swing. Rodriguez responded with a monster year in 1996 by winning the american league batting title with a .358 average, 36hr’s and 118 rbi’s. This was the highest increase in production in baseball history.

Chaz continues to sprinkle his magic on the bats of all hitters -- from little leaguers to girls fast pitch softball to high schoolers, college, and minor to major leaguers. He has become the most sought after hitting coach in the country.

Lau Jr, published his first book in 2000. It has become the highest selling baseball instructional book to this day. He also produced a 3 part dvd series ”Secrets Of The Swing” which has had similar success.

He continues to teach privately to major leaguers and players of all ages.

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