Training Pitch Recognition with Dr. Peter Fadde

by Peter Fadde
Training Pitch Recognition with Dr. Peter Fadde


Science, data, and analytics are all the rage in baseball today. The game has always been dominated by stats and numbers but with the advancements in technology, there are more resources available today then ever before to improve performance.

Good vision is absolutely critical to be successful as a hitter. Not only good vision but being able to recognize different pitches and make the right adjustment in a moments notice. The only problem is, pitch recognition, while we all know the importance, isn't often trained. Video occlusion training is the how hitters can get higher quality practice and develop their vision at the plate.

During this course, Dr. Peter Fadde will show you the critical techniques and methods that are helping hitters progress faster then ever before. By utilizing pitch recognition training, hitters are able to get maximum development from anywhere in the world, all thanks to today's technology.

In this presentation from the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, coach Fadde shows how hitters of any level can get visual reps against professional pitchers.


The Coach

Dr. Peter Fadde is a professor at Southern Illinios University as well as a leading expert in Video Occlusion Training. 

Dr. Fadde is passionate about expert learning and performance. He has developed a patent-pending computer system for training expert vision skills in sports. His expertise-based training (XBT) approach, takes the laboratory methods of expertise researchers for training purposes, has been tested in fields ranging from sports to truck driving to classroom teaching.

Dr. Fadde has also done research on video in education for teachers as well as blending online learning.

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