Ball Handling Drills II

by Dre DreAllDay Baldwin
Ball Handling Drills II


More ball handing drills by Dre Baldwin.

Dre Baldwin is well-known as the creator of the "Basketball Workouts Online" genre -- been doing this since 2006 and have published over 4,000 videos to date, with new content daily since 2009. All your favorite trainers, and many of the players you know, use my drills for their own workouts. 

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1 Quick Hands Between-Legs 1:27 2 Upright Reverse Scissor Dribble Drill 2:02 3 Windshield Back-Thru Dribbling Drill 1:36 4 In & Out-Cross, Thru-Behind-Back Ball Handling Drill 2:19 5 Crossover Behind-Back Lateral Slide Ball Handling Drill 1:15 6 Behind-The-Back Dribble Tutorial 1:24 7 Cross-Behind-Back Hopping Ball Handling Drill 1:16 8 Snatch-Crossover Move Ball Handling Drill 1:25 9 In & Out-Crossover, Thru-Crossover Ball Handling Drill 2:03 10 Double Crossover, Triangle Dribble Ball Handling Drill 2:20 11 2-Step & Reverse Crossover Full Court Dribbling Drill Pt. 2 1:50 12 Crossover-Behind-Back, In & Out Ball Handling Drill 1:46 13 Allen Iverson Side-to-Side Crossover Move Ball Handling Drill 1:13 14 Double In & Out-Crossover In Front & Behind Dribbling Drill 2:50 15 Front Crossover, Reverse-Cross Behind-Back Full Court Dribbling Drill 1:29 16 Tight Crossover "Fingertip" Control Dribbling Drill 1:16 17 Full Court Back-Thru, 2-Step Crossover Dribbling Drill 1:13 18 Pound-Scissor Crossover "Jump" Dribbling Drill 1:15 19 Straight-Legged Behind-Back Dribbling Drill 1:08 20 Ricky Rubio Scissor Crossover "Jump" Dribbling Drill 1:55 21 Tight Double-Crossover, Scissor Crossover Dribbling Drill 2:35 22 Slow-Quick Thru Legs Crossover Ball Handling Drill 1:32 23 Double-Pound, Windshield Dribble Ball Handling Drill 1:48 24 Low-Dribble Ankle Height Reach-Across Drill 1:26 25 Bang-Bang w/ Pound-Dribble Ball Handling Drill 1:46 26 Triple Windshield, One-Hand-Under & Reverse Dribbling Drill 1:49 27 Windshield-Thru Legs Crossover Full Court Dribbling Drill 1:16 28 Windshield, Thru Behind Combo Dribbling Drill 2:25 29 Windshield-Snatch Dribbling Drill 1:38 30 Thru-Front, Thru-Behind Ball Handling Drill 2:18 31 Upright & Low Scissor Crossover Dribbling Drill 2:45 32 Single Hand Back-Thru & Wraparound Dribbling Drill 3:08 33 One-Hand-Under, In & Out-Behind-Back Dribbling Drill 3:07 34 2-Ball Dribbling Drills Full Curcuit 2014 4:10 35 "Oval" Ankle-Height Around-Foot Ball Handling Drill 1:49 36 Tim Hardaway 2-Step Crossover Ball Handling Drill 1:34 37 Double-Pound-Crossover, Pound-Cross Dribbling Drill 1:47 38 In & Out-Pound-Thru Legs Dribbling Drill 2:03 39 Jump Scissor Crossover, Narrow Triple Cross Dribbling Drill 1:48 40 Rajon Rondo Pound-Windshield-Crossover Ball Handling Drill 1:43 41 Narrow-Wide Windshield Dribbling Drill 1:29 42 Pound-Thru-Back-Thru Dribbling Drill 1:16 43 Double Pound-Crossover Ball Handling Drill 1:15 44 Double Behind, 2-Step Crossover Ball Handling Drill 1:22

The Coach

I am Dre Baldwin. Most people know me through basketball — player, trainer, video-maker, author. I’m an athlete, so naturally I play my sport and go to gyms a lot. Outside of that, I do a lot of reading; some writing; spend much time on the Internet; and some other stuff that you may or may not be aware of.

Why You Should Give A Damn:

I Created… The act of putting basketball skill workouts, drills & tutorials on the internet. I am THE YouTube Basketball Guru. Anyone you can name who also does it, came after me… This website… “Work On Your Game”… My own lane.

I Wrote… A few books. Buy them… Every post on this site (new written stuff daily since January 1, 2014)… My own script of success.

Why My Story Matters: I came from being a nerdy, Steve Urkel-like elementary school student to averaging 2ppg on the varsity basketball team as a high school senior (read about that in “Buy A Game“) to kicked out of my college’s basketball program as a junior… to a professional. Along the way I have seen, done and learned a lot. I share it all through my writing, speaking (video and public) conversations if you ever run into me. I steer back on many occasions when it would have been perfectly reasonable to quit. This all being true, this site is not all underdog guts-and-glory. I hate listening to that shit even more than I’d hate writing it. I share with you 100% of me, and dammit, that’s more than enough reason for you to care.

Why You Should Know Me: 1) Because my name and presence is a brand — just the way I always planned it. 2) You probably know someone who could benefit form hearing/reading what I have to share. 3) You or someone you know could benefit from doing business or sharing ideas with me. Reach out to me.

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Patrick Samuels

Dre's got me set for the season. Good stuff

Aug 18, 15 06:11 AM

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