BasketballHQ Team Practice Drills

by Kyle Ohman
BasketballHQ Team Practice Drills


Team basketball drills do more than just work on a specific skill. They also are a great way to promote competition in practice, and get your team playing at a high level. If you are having a practice that is low on energy, get into a competition rebounding or defensive drill. This will raise the level of practice, especially if there is a punishment for the losing team. Benefits of Team Basketball Drills Finding the right balance of what to spend your time on in practice can sometimes be very difficult. You need to find time to work on offense, defense, special situations, skill development, etc. The great thing about these team basketball drills, is that they work on multiple things at the same time. You are able to maximize your practice time. Another reason these specific basketball drills are so great, is because they are able to incorporate an entire team into the drill. Some basketball drills are designed specifically for small groups, but these drills are made for large groups, and will keep all of your players involved at the same time.

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