Blocker Mover Offense Manual - Full Explanation With Diagrams

by Joe Kuhn


This is my Blocker Mover Manual Course with the explanation of the Fast Draw diagrams. This is a comprehensive manual and has everything you need to successfully install the popular offense.  Included are the guidelines for the offense, position rules, the 3 out 2 in attack, a touch of 4 out 1 in attack, playing with 4 perimeter players, blocker mover zone offense, over 30 base shooting drills, and more!  This is also a great course for any ball screen offense.  


The way coach Kuhn breaks down the Blocker Mover offense was simply amazing. From drills to diagrams, videos to voiceovers! You'll definitely see us using this offense this season! Ja'Mere Dismukes, Rich East HS.

"Coach, you were an excellent teacher/coach today. The players on the court knew exactly what you wanted from them.  Here’s what we do here’s why, and this is a drill that sets up this particular offensive strategy.” #filledthoseshoes. #thankyou. @FVHS_Athletics (link:… Marianne Karp

Coach Kuhn, My name is Dylan Mihalke and I am a student manager at Iowa.  I just wanted to email you to thank you for taking a little bit of time to talk to me.  I love the way that you run that mover/blocker offense and feel honored to have learned some of those offensive schemes from you.

Joe, I was in Vegas. I was SOOOOOO disappointed Geno wasn’t there and almost slept in Sunday. You were my favorite speaker! Thank you!  I Purchased the BM pdf!  Scott Kelly

I just bought your DVD’s from championship productions, and I think they’re really good, so I had to get your EBooks… Bruno Santos


Blocker Rules
1 Blocker Rules FastDraw Explanation 02:08
Mover Rules
2 Mover Rules FastDraw Explanation 01:50
3 Out 2 In Alignments
3 Lane - Lane Alignment FastDraw Explanation 02:11 4 Lane - Wide Alignment FastDraw Explanation 01:45 5 Wide - Wide Alignment FastDraw Explanation 02:15 6 Top - Bottom Alignment FastDraw Explanation 01:45 7 3 Blockers Alignment FastDraw Explanation 01:17 8 Free Blocking Alignment FastDraw Explanation 01:09
Mover Options After Entry
9 Mover Options After Wing Entry FastDraw Explanation 02:34 10 Mover Options After Dribble Entry FastDraw Explanation 01:38
Blocker Options After Entry
11 Blocker Options After Entry Part 1 FastDraw Explanation 01:52 12 Blocker Options After Entry Part 2 FastDraw Explanation 01:47
4 Out 1 In - 3 Blocker Options
13 4 Out 3 Blockers TBS, Flare, SBS - FastDraw Explanation 01:19 14 4 Out 3 Blockers TBS Flare Screen MB SBS - FastDraw Explanation 00:49 15 4 Out 3 Blockers TBS Throwback Into Hand Off -FastDraw Explanation 01:27 16 4 Out 3 Blockers Top Reverse - FastDraw Explanation 00:58 17 4 Out 3 Blockers Top Reverse Ball Screen Flare Screen - FastDraw Explanation 00:52 18 4 Out 3 Blockers Wing Entry Flare Screen - FastDraw Explantion 00:42 19 4 Out 3 Blockers Wing Entry SBS - FastDraw Explanation 00:36
Zone Offense
Transition Offense
20 Quick Break - FastDraw Explanation 02:08
Set Plays
21 Panther Entry - FastDraw Explanation 01:38 22 Arizona Entry - FastDraw Explanation 01:44 23 Stacks Entry - FastDraw Explanation 01:11 24 X Entry - FastDraw Explanation 01:24 25 Utah Entry - FastDraw Explanation 01:04 26 Louisville Entry - FastDraw Explanation 01:19
Core Drills: Offensive and Defensive Shell Drills
27 Get Open Drill FastDraw Explanation 03:06 28 Wing Entry Flare Screen FastDraw Explanation 03:53 29 Flare and Re-Screen FastDraw Explanation 02:32 30 Flare Screen and Baseline Run FastDraw Explanation 01:22 31 Dribble Top and Baseline Run FastDraw Explanation 02:02 32 Side Ball Screen and Flare Screen FastDraw Explanation 01:52 33 Free Lance Drill FastDraw Explanation 01:15
Other Screening Action Drills
34 Wing Entry Double Stagger FastDraw Explanation 01:45 35 Alley Ball Screen - Down Screen FastDraw Explanation 01:18 36 Top Ball Screen - Down Screen FastDraw Explanation 00:59 37 Top Ball Screen - Flex Screen FastDraw Explanation 01:00 38 Top Ball Screen - Baseline Screen - Down Screen FastDraw Explanation 00:57
Mover Shooting Drills
39 3 Spot Shoot The 3 Drill - FastDraw Explanation 01:15 40 3 Spot Fade and Flare Pull Up Jumper Drill - FastDraw Explanation 01:18 41 3 Spot Curl to Elbow and Flare Lob - FastDraw Explanation 00:49 42 3 Spot Baseline Pull Up - Baseline Run - FastDraw Explanation 01:23 43 3 Spot Elbow Pull Ups - FastDraw Explanation 00:48
Blocker Shooting Drills
44 Blocker Pin Down Seal (Into Post Move) and Blocker Back/Flare Into Various Actions - FastDraw Explanation 01:58
Combo Shooting Drills
45 Combo Curl Lob and Baseline Run - FastDraw Explanation 02:29 46 Combo Flare, Baseline Run, and Dive - FastDraw Explanation 01:00 47 Combo Flare - Re-Screen, Baseline Run, and Dive - FastDraw Explanation 01:04
Order Fast Trade of All Diagrams
48 Order FastDraw Fast Trade

The Coach


Joe Kuhn

Joliet Junior College


Joe Kuhn, Head Basketball Coach Joliet Junior College

Over 500 Career Wins

NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, 2017

Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, 2015

2010 NJCAA National Champion

2010 National Coach of the Year

NJCAA Basketball Coaches Association Board of Directors, 2nd Vice-President

Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Board of Directors

Joe Kuhn is the head coach at Joliet Junior College. Kuhn has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments while at Joliet including being inducted into the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, class of 2017. Kuhn, who is in his 31st season coaching, has led the Wolves to the 2010 NJCAA national championship, seven N4C conference championships, six trips to the national tournament including three national championship appearances, and four final fours. Kuhn, the 2010 NJCAA National Coach of the Year, has amassed an overall JJC record of 454-203 and 478 career wins. He is currently second on the JJC career wins list behind A.A. Fizz Wills.

JJC has won at least 20 games the last 12 seasons, 14 of the last 15, and 15 times in Kuhn's tenure. Kuhn, who has been named District 2 Coach of the Year 6 times, has led the Wolves to the national tournament 6 times (2011, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2004, 1998). Kuhn has coached 15 All- Americans, seven N4C conference players of the year, and 36 all-region players at JJC. The Wolves have played in the region championship game 17 of his 20 seasons including 15 in a row, and have won 7 conference crowns (2013, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2004, 2003, 2001). Coach Kuhn also has been inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame class of 2015 and the Region IV Hall of Fame in 2013.

Under the direction of Joe Kuhn, the Wolves claimed the 2010 NJCAA Division III National Championship in Delhi, NY with a 94-82 victory over Rochester Community Technical College. JJC advanced to the national championship game two other times under Kuhn. The 2007-08 Wolves finished as the NJCAA national runner-up, falling to North Lake from Dallas, TX in the championship game. In 2004-05, Kuhn and the Wolves advanced to the national championship game. JJC owned a one-point lead late in the title game but a three-pointer in the closing seconds by Hostos Community College (NY) finished the scoring.


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