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Joe Kuhn

Joliet Junior College


Head basketball coach at Joliet Junior College in Illinois. Inducted into the NJCAA Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2017, Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2015, 2010 National Coach of the Year, and 2010 National Champion.


Coach, you were an excellent teacher/coach today. “Here’s what we do here’s why, and this is a drill that sets up this particular offensive strategy.” #filledthoseshoes. #thankyou. @FVHS_Athletics (link:…

Coach Kuhn, My name is Dylan Mihalke and I am a student manager at Iowa. I just wanted to email you to thank you for taking a little bit of time to talk to me. I love the way that you run that mover/blocker offense and feel honored to have learned some of those offensive schemes from you.

Joe, I was in Vegas. I was SOOOOOO disappointed Geno wasn’t there and almost slept in Sunday. You were my favorite speaker! Thank you! I Purchased the BM pdf! Scott Kelly

I just bought your DVD’s from championship productions, and I think they’re really good, so I had to get your EBooks… Bruno Santos