Build Your Own Basketball Skill Workout

by Quinn McDowell
Build Your Own Basketball Skill Workout


Get everything you need to build your own basketball workout! Stop relying on time-consuming videos or expensive trainers.

Choose from college level drills and design your own workout based on the three primary areas of skill development:

1. Footwork

2. Ball-Handling / Moves / Finishing

3. Shooting 

Use workout examples to fill out a personalized skill development plans based on your needs. Use the pre-made template to drag and drop the drills that will help take your game to the next level. If you don't know what a drill is, simply look it up in my 69 page drill guide.

There are hundreds of workout combinations that will help take your game to the next level. $29 won't even cover 1 hour of private skill development, make the investment today and take control of your game.

If you are a coach looking to help build skill development workouts for your team this is the perfect companion. You can literally create thousands of different workouts by combining drills from the guide and plugging them into the pre-made template.

Finally, with the challenges Covd-19 and the lack of gym availability, it is more imortant than ever to learn how to build your own skill workout and make the most efficient use of your time.


What others are saying about Build Your Own Skill Workout

Quinn’s training is effective because he’s had so much experience with playing in the NBA G-League and other professional leagues. He pays attention to details. The drills, exercises, and conditioning he provides are tremendously valuable to a player like myself who is focused on getting better and improving my skills, strength, and mental approach towards the game. He's put most of what he knows into the Build Your Own Workout so that coaches and players to benefit.

Jake M

Quinn is an excellent basketball instructor for players of any age. He excels in quickly identifying improvement opportunities and developing solutions, and he has included those solutions in this skill development guide. My son has benefited from Quinn's tutelage and is now prepared to play basketball at the varsity, college, and potentially beyond.

Earl Lindfors



The Coach


Quinn McDowell

Arete Hoops (


As an All-Conference D1 Player, former Overseas Pro, and current Division 1 College Basketball Coach my passion is to help coaches and players get better. My passions include...

*The Princeton Offense
*Ball Screen Continuity
*Player Development
*Leadership and Team-Building
*Coaching with Excellence
*Leading with Purpose

As a 4-year starter and all-conference selection at the College of William and Mary I scored 1600 points and grabbed more than 500 rebounds while helping our team to one of the best records in school history.

After graduation, I continued my playing career overseas in some of the best leagues in the world. I traveled the world for many years as a pro with stops in Australia, Spain, Latvia, and the NBA G-League.

I run the site where I write about all things hoops, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.

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