Building a Championship Program: The Jim Boone Way

by Jim Boone
Building a Championship Program: The Jim Boone Way


Building a Championship Program: The Jim Boone Way

Coach Jim Boone moved among the Nation's top 5 winningest NCAA Division II coaches with over 600 victories in the 2023 season; his career includs two Final Fours and 6 Sweet Sixteens, taking an unprecedented 4 different schools to the NCAA Tournament. Coach Boone shares with you his thoughts and philosophy on building a successful basketball program, creating a winning culture, along with an inside look at his infamous Pack Line Defense and Blocker-Mover approach to Motion Offense.  This video centers around Coach Boone's very successful Free Fall Coaches Clinic and includes over 6 hours of Clinic Instruction, two Team Practices, guest speaker Bob Szorc, Appalachian State University, and much, much more.

Coach Boone invites you behind the curtain, to learn the systems and teaching methodology that has led his programs to numerous championships and milestones.  This is a must have video for all coaches regardless of level or philosophy, there is something here for everyone.


Building a Championship Program: The Jim Boone Way
1 Introduction: Free Fall Coaches Clinic 1:37
Friday Night Session: Clinics I & II
2 2022 FREE FALL CLINIC FLYER 3 Friday Night Clinic Practice I 4 Clinic I: Team Practice I - Pack line Defense and Development Drills 5 Clinic II: Bob Szorc, Appalachian State, Developing Program Philosophy
Saturday Morning Session: Clinics III, IV, & V
6 Clinic III: The Best Things I've Seen in Coaching 34:22 7 Clinic 1V: Blocker Mover Approach to Motion Offense & End of Game Thoughts 8 Clinic V: Pack Line Defense Modifications: Defeating Ball Screens & Defendi
Saturday Afternoon Session: Clinics VI & VII
9 Saturday Clinic Practice II 10 Clinic VI: Team Practice II - Emphasis on Offensive Development 11 Clinic VII: Q & A with Coach Boone 33:46
Closing Comments
Program Building Ideas
12 Jim Boone Program Culture 13 MVP: Building a Championship Program 14 A Tradition of Excellence
Sample Practice Plans
15 Sample Practice: Early Season I 16 Sample Practice: Early Season II 17 Sample Practice: Mid Season I 18 Sample Practice: Mid Season II 19 Sample Practice: End of Season I 20 Sample Practice: End of Season II
Clinic Handouts
21 Best Things I've Seen in Coaching Power Point 22 Pack Line Defense Modifications Power Point 23 Pack Line Defense Trouble Shooting 24 GC Game Sheet 25 Pairs Offense: 65 Action 26 Coach Mike Dunlap on Defensive Transition 27 Player Leadership Handout 28 Navy Seals Handout 29 Building a Winning Culture 30 Jim Boone Speaking

The Coach


Jim Boone

Proven winner with over 600 career victories, 2 Final Fours, 6 Sweet 16's, an unprecedented 4 different schools to the NCAA Tournament. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!


Coach Jim Boone

  • 5 Decades as a Collegiate Coach (80's to Present)
  • 38 years as an NCAA Division I and II Head Coach
  • Over 600 wins & D2 Winning Percentage of .659
  • Four Different Programs to the NCAA Tournament
  • Two Final Fours & Six Sweetsixteens
  • Numerous Coach of the Year Awards 
  • Nationally renowned Clinician and Speaker             
  • Program Building and Creating a Championship Culture

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Allen Osborne

Coach Boone’s latest video , “Building a Championship program is one of the best videos I have seen In my 40+ years of coaching. The video is professionally done and Coach Boone has covered everything that is important in developing a championship program. His lectures on culture and philosophy are outstanding . Also, it was great to see him and his staff teaching mover-blocker offense and pack-line defense. He covered everything in detail and with much clarity. Speaker Bob Scorz does a great job talking about philosophy and the clinic handouts and practice plans are great. This is a must for all coaches at any level. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Apr 14, 24 07:45 AM

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