Customizable Canva Templates for Basketball (And A Great Fundraiser)

by Mason Waters
Customizable Canva Templates for Basketball (And A Great Fundraiser)


Access an entire season's worth of graphics using the free graphic design service Canva.

Plug in your program's info to these templates and make the graphics your own. Add a sponsor's logo on the graphics. Then charge a sponsor for logo placement to raise money for your program!

These 35+ graphic templates enable your program to look great, save time, and raise money.

Included is THIS short 15 minute tutorial showing you everything you need to know - you'll also receive all future additional templates. is a free software that allows you to create graphics for your program in a way that is Free, Easy, and Efficient. Yes, free!

I've done most of the work for you with these templates - once you download these templates into your account, you customize them however you wish. Just plug in your game info, add logos, change colors, and more. With a very small amount of practice, you'll be able to make graphics out of these templates in minutes.

One program raised $4,000 with my templates as part of their sponsorship program. Businesses donated money to have their logo featured on game day and post game graphics. These templates allow you to easily copy and paste sponsor's logos onto your graphics (I show you how to do this in the tutorial).

When you purchase these templates, they will be downloaded into your free Canva account. Then you will be able to customize them however you wish!

Try 4 free templates HERE

One sponsor will not only cover the cost of these templates, but they will also bring in good money for your program.

I hope these help your program look good and raise money!


The Coach


Mason Waters

Coach and Digital Consultant


After years as a freelance designer AND basketball coach, I have discovered one of the best ways for low-budget, time-crunched programs to make amazing graphics. 

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