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Fastbreak and transition game are the playtypes that satisfy coaches and spectators. It is fast and atractive. Fastbreak is the most effective playtype, therefore everybody want to play fast. Of course it is not enough just to be fast but have to respect rules of spacing and timing, be patient and make good decisions.

In this course you will find video lessons about "5-corridor" rules, roles and rules for each and every player, tips on spacing and timing, as well playtypes of secondary transition (POST UP or early Pick&Roll), video clips and examples of top European teams and "player's view"...

You will find out about Ballhandler's finishes, Wing's finishes, "First in the middle's" finishes, Trailer's finishes and more. This is complete encyclopedia of fastbreak & transition game, including terminology.


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Luka Bassin #BassketSTUDIO

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Coach Luka Bassin is experienced Slovenian coach, working as head coach, assistant coach, video coordinator, advanced scout, scout etc. with many top coaches and clubs in Slovenia and Europe. Luka was also part of Slovenia NT (senior, "B" and U20) and worked as consultant for teams in Europe. He is lecturer and runs basketball camps in Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia and Italy, while all the time working also as Player Development Coach.

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Great course to learn how to run transition plays!

Sep 27, 22 12:02 PM

Lason Perkins

With the emergence of Pace and Space over the past few years, Luka Bassin has produced a fantastic resource to help you build a complete offensive transition system in this course.

Nov 18, 22 07:05 AM

Kostas Kalogeropoulos

As usual, Luka Bassin does a great job analyzing the important details to provide the "why?" & "how?" needed. This course is laying the foundation for the offensive transition for any team, as it includes video instruction for player roles & team movement/spacing in fast break situations.

Jan 7, 24 01:21 PM

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