Coach Rick Torbett has developed his Read & React offense to teach players to recognize scoring opportunities and capitalize upon them. Most drills are broken down to teach only one aspect of a given real-game situation. In one step, Read & React teaches an offense by drilling players and teaching movement in response to the the ball, even as it reinforces the skills players need to succeed. Torbett will present the sixteen layers of the Read & React offense as taught by fundamental drills from the Read & React System with added explanations and demonstrations in this online video course. Why teach an offense separately from the skills your players need to win games? Teaching adapative play principles to the players at the same time that they learn the skills they need is a better way to get results.


1 Introduction
Single Layer Reaction Drills
2 Layer 1 DRILLS 1-4
3 Layer 2 & 3 DRILLS 5-6
4 Layer 4 DRILLS 7-11
5 Layer 5 & 6 DRILLS 12-16
6 Layer 7 to 11 DRILLS 17-21
7 Layer 12 to 16 DRILLS 22-28
Level 2 Combining Two Layers
8 COMBINING TWO Read & React Layers
9 DRILLS 29-35
10 DRILLS 36-42
11 DRILLS 43-50
Level 3 Combining Three or More Layers
12 COMBINING 3+ Read & React Layers
13 DRILLS 51-56
14 DRILLS 57-61
15 DRILLS 62-68
16 Glue-It-Together Drills

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Rick Torbett is the founder of offering Basketball Instructional and Training Videos offering detailed teaching for coaches and players. Torbett is also the creator of the Read and React Offense, one of the most popular and successful basketball coaching series on the market.

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