Positive Choices for Outstanding Performance #THSCEF2018

by Texas High School Coaches Association
Positive Choices for Outstanding Performance #THSCEF2018


As coaches you are responsible for creating a winning team, but most importantly, you are responsible for developing outstanding character in your players. Elaine Pasqua has worked for the NFL, eight NFL teams, and the most notable Division I football programs nationwide. She understands that a culture of integrity starts at the top. Athletes work hard and play hard - poor choices cause many to damage their futures and embarrass their teams. You will learn about the latest high-risk trends so you can recognize the red flags in those who are struggling, and gain the skills to effectively build a team culture of respect and responsibility, to develop productive young men with promising futures.


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Elaine Pasqua, CSP, is one of the most dynamic and effective speakers addressing positive choices for outstanding performance. Once described as "the biggest little thing I've ever seen," this energetic and humorous dynamo has been traversing the country for more than two decades, transforming the lives of more than a half a million people. Her expertise in high-risk drinking, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual health, bystander intervention, and drug abuse resonates through her keen knowledge, compassion, ability to connect, and sharp humor.

Her inspirational journey as a professional speaker began after the loss of her mom and stepdad to AIDS related complications. Devastated by their diagnosis, Elaine's family was instructed to keep their infectious status a secret. Witnessing the ravages of this disease as she cared for them, Elaine wanted to speak out. A week before her death, she asked her mom, "Can I share your story, because if we don't, we won't teach people about the prejudices against those with AIDS." Her mom nodded her head yes and that was the beginning. After speaking about HIV/AIDS for four years she astutely recognized the need to address other destructive behaviors and continues to broaden her areas of expertise based on the latest trends.

Elaine's passion for making a difference has remarkably taken her from working with more than 600 universities nationwide, to numerous professional organizations, the military, and 30 pro athletic teams from the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB. At 5'3 she loves to stand tall among the gentle giants of pro sports! She also works with countless high schools. As a mother of two sons in their mid-twenties who has seen it all, she loves to present to parent groups as well. Elaine is an acclaimed author, columnist, and producer and director of public service videos. She has been featured in USA Today, NY 1 News, Time Warner TV, NPR, and Knight Ridder News Service. Elaine is a five-time nominee for Best Speaker of the Year for Campus Activities Magazine Readers Choice Awards. She is the author of #Mom I Got This: Building Your Legacy in College and Beyond.

If you want to increase retention on your college campus, or productivity in the workplace, Elaine is a consummate listener and will tailor a program that is just right for you!

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