Social Media for College Athletics (eBook)

by Mason Waters
Social Media for College Athletics (eBook)


A Robust and All-Encompassing Social Media Strategy and System Designed Exclusively for College Athletics 

Everyone who matters to your Athletics organization is on it. Recruits, student-athletes, alumni, boosters, fans, students, parents, and more. You must have a plan to capitalize.

After spending a year as an NCAA Assistant Basketball Coach, I realized a need for social media development in the world of college athletics. It seemed to me that Coaches, ADs, SIDs, GAs, and others all knew social media skill was necessary... but didn't know where to begin or what to do. One of the many reasons for this was because social media takes time.

This book was written specifically for those programs who can't hire a full-time social media manager. This book was written for NCAA D2, D3, JUCO, NAIA, and NCCAA programs... programs who have assistant and head coaches run their own social media. 

My goal is to provide the knowledge to guide your actions, the system to produce content efficiently, and the skills to tap into the opportunities presented on each platform.   

Whether you are a Head Coach, an AD, SID, GA, or up-and-comer, the vast information within this book will help you build your program's and personal brand through social media. Your organization and brand will grow, and your odds at career success will increase. 

This book is deep. Within this 167 page book, you will learn:

- An comprehensive social media strategy for every level of college athletics. This work serves NCAA D1, D2, D3, NJCAA, NAIA, and NCCAA levels.

- A complete and meticulous system that enhances every part of your operations including fundraising, recruiting, community support, and alumni relations.

- A guiding philosophy that will grow your accounts and increase your reach and influence

- Strategies to make your social media efforts more efficient 

- Tips to Increase fundraising/donations, alumni engagement, community support, and more

- Tactics to use on each platform

- Approaches to build an engaging newsletter for alumni or community 

- Tactics and tools on multiple platforms

- Strategies to increase student-involvement 

- Branding tips specifically for ADs and Coaches 

- and more...

Grab your copy today if you are ready to build a dominant, lasting brand. 

Item Details:

52,940 Words

172 Total Pages Including Cover Page, Intro, Table of Contents

Approximately 6-7 Hours to Read


The Coach


Mason Waters

Coach and Digital Consultant


A former NCAA assistant coach, Mason Waters has built an impressive social media presence himself: A YouTube approaching 6,000 subscribers, a Twitter with over 6,300 followers, and a Facebook north of 1,000 followers. He has posts which regularly reach thousands of users. He also has experience coaching at the NCAA level, so he understands the importance of branding as a college program. 

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