How to Succeed As A Fast Bowler in T20s?

by Shravan Aruljothi
How to Succeed As A Fast Bowler in T20s?


Course is developed for young fast bowlers who want to bowl faster and better so batsmen struggle to hit them. 

These tips and tricks can help young fast bowlers analyse their strengths and weaknesses using real-life IPL examples. 

Basics of cricket rules and cricket terminologies (yorker, bouncer, knuckle ball) needed before joining this course.


The Coach

As a fast bowler with 10 years experience in local tournaments, I feel bowlers are being under-appreciated and disrespected. Ever since the t20 format was introduced, cricket fans always want a high scoring match where batsman smash the balls all over the park. When the bowlers bowl well and the game plays our slowly with strike rotation, fans stop watching the match and call the pitch dead. They never want to see bowlers gain advantage over the batsman as field restrictions, bigger & stronger bats but with the same cricket ball have been introduced. 

Nevertheless, there a few cricket fans who love to see fast bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Jofra Archer, Pat Cummins cope with the harsh conditions as a bowler and suceed in this format.

Being one of those ardent cricket fans, I have knowledge as a bowler, (having 10 years experience as a fast bowler in few local tournaments in Karnataka myself) and would like to share my few tips and tricks to all young fans who want to suceed as a fast bowler in the short format and get thrilled for wickets rather than big hitting sixes.


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Hemalatha Aruljothi

Quiz was interesting to do and learnt new stuff thanks to this course. Eagerly waiting for new lessons. I would highly recommend this to all kids who aspire to be fast bowlers.

Apr 27, 21 03:29 AM

Sanghavi Jay


May 29, 21 02:58 AM

Visakh S nair


Jan 29, 22 09:54 AM

Haseeb Bhatti

Course please

Nov 9, 22 07:52 AM

Haseeb Bhatti

Course please

Nov 9, 22 07:52 AM

Mohd Asif

Good course

Feb 19, 23 11:51 PM

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