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What are the benefits of Air Raid Certification?

– 16 Hours of Teaching Tapes / Film Study / Job Interview Training

– 3 Major Exams to earn certification

– Exclusive Air Raid video library from 1998 to Present

– Official Air Raid Certification (Upon Completion)

– Name listed on website and in the Air Raid Family database

– Twitter shout out from @HalMumme upon completion

– Hal Mumme’s Endorsement & Reference for Job Applications

– Free registration to the 2020 National Air Raid Convention ($90 Value)

– Direct access to Hal Mumme for any Q & A

– Access to live monthly webinars during the off season (ARC Exclusive)

– We will Analyze your film! Send in your teams offensive film for feedback



Please allow us 12 hours to review your exam answers. Once we have approved your exam, you will be admitted to the next chapter.


If you are prompted to take the exam again, that means you did not pass. A passing grade is 93% or greater.


When taking the Exams, avoid using the browser "Chrome"


Intro to Air Raid
1 1 - Orgins of Air Raid 08:00 2 2 - Air Raid Philosphy 33:09 3 3 - Formations - Motions 28:15 4 4 - O-Line Protections 32:57 5 5 - Coverages (Brought to you by: VAR Systems) 05:19 6 Exam 1
Passing Concepts
7 1 - 92 28:28 8 2 - "6" 20:31 9 3 - "6" Shallow 12:10 10 4 - 94 09:56 11 5 - 95 20:13 12 6 - Quick Game 14:11
Run Game - RPOs - Screens
13 1 - Run Game 20:00 14 2 - RPOs 07:07 15 3 - Screens 21:54 16 Mid Term Exam
Being the OC (Offensive Coordinator)
17 1 - 3 Day Install - Practice Schedule 27:10 18 2 - Game Planning 17:15 19 3 - The Interview "Get the JOB!" 11:31 20 Final Exam
Welcome to the Air Raid Family
21 Welcome to the Air Raid Family 00:26 22 Air Raid Certified Database Application 23 Hal Mumme Contact & Resume Reference
The Vault (The Film Room)
24 1998 - Kentucky Offense 32:53 25 1998 - Kentucky "6 - Shallows" 25:38 26 2006 - New Mexico State Offense 13:53 27 2008 - Texas Tech Offense 1:04:31 28 2008 - Houston "6" 26:41 29 2008 - Houston "Stick" 618 18:25 30 2013 - Texas A&M Offense 29:00 31 2016 - Texas Tech Offense 56:50 32 2016 - Wash. St Offense 49:12 33 2016 - Belhaven "92" 05:13 34 2016 - Belhaven "95" 09:01 35 2018 - Jackson State "94" (Virtual Reality) 03:53 36 2018 - Jackson State "94" (Virtual Reality) Walk through by AJ Smith 02:06 37 2018 - One Back Clinic (Sonny Dykes) 53:40 38 2018 - One Back Clinic (Hal Mumme) 53:32 39 2018 - One Back Clinic (Austin James Smith) 37:00 40 2019 - One Back Clinic (Doug Meacham) 49:43 41 2019 - One Back Clinic (Kiefer Price) O-LINE 41:24 42 2019 - One Back Clinic (Hal Mumme) 51:13 43 Playbook - 92 Diagrams 44 Playbook - 6 Diagrams 45 Playbook - 6 Shallow Diagrams 46 Playbook - 95 Diagrams 47 Playbook - 94 Diagrams 48 Playbook - Stick Diagrams 49 Playbook - Corner Diagrams 50 Playbook - 31/32 RPO Diagrams
Webinars / Q & A Videos (Updated Monthly)
51 Intro to Webinar / Q & A Section 00:53 52 Air Raid Certification Levels 53 Hal Mumme & Patrick Taylor on North Surry (HS) "95" Break Down 28:05 54 Austin James Smith 3 Exam Breakdown With Correct Answers 21:09

The Coach

Coach Hal Mumme & the Air Raid Family

Ratings and Reviews (24)

Austin James Smith

A+ the real deal!

Nov 10, 19 12:27 PM

Shawn Liotta

The God Father of the Air Raid Offense Hal Mumme opens the Vault for you in the only “official” Air Raid Certified course that will teach you every aspect of the explosive Air Raid Offense. Learn every detail of this system directly from the creator of the Air Raid and watch the yardage and points pile up on the scoreboard. There are many Air Raid teaching materials available, but this is your opportunity to learn the offense directly from its creator, Coach Hal Mumme who provides you with everything you need to successfully install this offensive system with your program. If you are a coach who believes in attacking defenses through the Air, take this rare opportunity to become a member of the Hal Mumme Air Raid Family today!

Nov 10, 19 12:46 PM

If you want to learn the Air Raid this is the 'gold standard'! No better way to learn the system than from Coach Mumme himself. #AirRaidCertified

Nov 10, 19 01:23 PM

Coach George Coltharp

If you want to be a jedi, you learn from Yoda, and Coach Mumme is the best source for learning the Air Raid. Any coach looking to grow and develop the skills to be a competent and effective "Air Raid" coach needs to do go through this process. Coach Mumme has a wealth of knowledge, teaches at a level that is understandable and gives "how and why". I am extremely proud to be "Air Raid Certified" and I hope young coaches in particular take the opportunity to learn from a true "pioneer" of the game.

Nov 10, 19 08:04 PM

Nate Hakes

This course was amazing!! As a new coach who has only recently been studying the air raid system, I was blown away with the simplicity, and multiple easy ways to adjust to anything that the defense will throw at you. Coach Mumme is truly the Godfather of this system, and does an outstanding job instructing. A must have for any coach looking to learn about the air raid, or to learn even more. Thanks Coach Mumme!!

Nov 13, 19 09:27 AM

Ryan Williams

Highly recommend for anyone interested in the Air Raid from beginner to those that have run it for years.

Nov 16, 19 09:05 PM

Steve Baltzegar

Great Air Raid course from the master.

Nov 18, 19 08:16 PM

Terrence Smith

Coming from a defensive background in my coaching career and being fairly new to the offensive side of the ball, this course has blown me away and tremendously helped me in my understanding of what we are trying to accomplish on offense. If you have any interest in the Air Raid this is the gold standard. No better way to learn the Air Raid than from Coach Mumme himself!

Nov 20, 19 06:32 AM

Weston Moody

Comprehensive and a great resource for coaches looking to get into the Air Raid Offense.

Nov 21, 19 06:28 AM

Anthony Morales

very challenging. learned a lot about what the Air Raid is all about. It was great to learn how it all got started and how it has affected how football is played today, at all levels.

Nov 24, 19 02:06 PM


It's more than a playbook (not even a playbook) it's a mindset. Attack, Attack, Attack. Magic Rep.

Nov 29, 19 08:04 AM

Tristan Penrod

Great learning experience!

Dec 1, 19 06:14 PM


I think it is a great course that gives very good insight into the air raid. I was not an air raid guy but I am now. Thank you for doing this program.

Dec 2, 19 05:42 AM

Angelo Raga

Great course. Learned a lot from Coach Mumme. Not only the Xs & Os but the interview Q & A along with the practice and installation was great to learn about in order to implement this into team. Thank you to Coach Mumme and his staff for putting this together!

Dec 2, 19 08:17 AM

Chris Colley

Awesome course! Highly recommend it.

Dec 3, 19 04:28 AM

John Hierseman

Great course and Coach Mumme is a great teacher.

Dec 5, 19 08:15 AM

Daven Murphree

This course is great. Coach Mumme does such a good job going over all the parts of the air raid. This course is informative for all levels of coaches. Great course!!!

Dec 5, 19 08:35 AM

Caleb Hughes

It was an excellent course learning from the air raid guru. Goes into some detail on the air raid offense. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend people to purchase it.

Dec 5, 19 12:05 PM

Troy Fetty

I wanted to learn the pure Air Rad from the inventor. This course and certification is worth the effort and time it takes to complete it. The Exams are no joke and you must take notes and pay attention to every little detail in the videos

Dec 7, 19 06:57 AM

Jude Oliva

This course was awesome! It was well taught and had everything you need in a learning course. I absolutely loved the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to get ahead in the Air Raid system. Coach Mumme and his staff have put together a great course.

Dec 8, 19 07:04 PM


Such a well put together course. Having entered with only a basic knowledge of the Air Raid, I feel fully prepared to implement this offense. Absolutely worth every cent.

Dec 9, 19 08:16 AM

Christopher Littleton

Learning the air raid from the master is so much different than any other way. If you think you know the air raid but have never seen it taught by Hal Mumme then you don't know what you don't know.

Dec 9, 19 09:30 AM

Mark Huddleston

Very informative. Great investment in a proven offense! Thank you Coach Mumme for putting this together.

Dec 12, 19 11:33 AM

Jason Klinger

Great information and complete guide for the air raid.

Dec 13, 19 01:51 PM

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