2024 Official Air Raid Masters (QB/WR) by Hal Mumme

by Air Raid Certification
2024 Official Air Raid Masters (QB/WR) by Hal Mumme




Hal Mumme has launched a new "Masters" course that will teach you the things Coach Mumme did to win a 2021 Professional Football Championship on Fox Televsion this year!


On the Field Air Raid Masters Training with Coach Hal Mumme

- Coach Mumme will take you through all Air Raid on the field drills for QBs / WRs

- Coach Mumme will interact with collegiate level players coaching LIVE with his instruction through each drill

- 2021 updates on Air Raid Concepts that helped Coach Mumme win the Mega Bowl!

- Access to Coach Mummes 2021 Updated Air Raid Concept Library

- Completion of the "Masters Course" will result in a +1 in your Air Raid Database Level

- Receive Air Raid Masters QB / WR Badge in Air Raid Database

*ARC Discount*

Air Raid Certified members receive a $50 discount to the "Master Courses" email for your discount!


The Coach

Coach Hal Mumme & the Air Raid Family

Ratings and Reviews (33)

Ross Woods

Awesome description of each drill and why it is helpful for in game situations. It will really help improve your QB's and WR's skill level and play on the field.

Dec 9, 21 08:52 AM

Murray Dumas

Detailed, simple with clear directives. Loved it worth doing. For those of us in Europe who don’t have the ability to travel this is the next best thing. Learning the details from the best in the business.

Dec 12, 21 03:05 AM

Brian Stiefel

This course is great! Having detailed examples of drills is going to improve our Wrs/Qbs this next season. Most importantly its going to save practice time by showing my players the film instead of describing the drill during practice. Thank you!!

Dec 12, 21 03:36 PM

Richard Griffith

It's great to take the Drills & Concepts from ARC and get cut ups from Championship Teams doing them!

Dec 14, 21 07:01 PM

Jeff Dalton


Dec 16, 21 08:28 AM

Ashley Carlisle

Great for getting the drills you need to further the repetition of the offense. Coach Mumme thoroughly explains the how and why to make it a success!!

Dec 16, 21 08:45 AM

Kyle Day

Excellent teaching points and drills to work every day to be productive!

Dec 17, 21 02:54 PM

Ben Moran

Informative and detailed!

Dec 19, 21 09:44 AM

Josh Goodloe

Loved the breakdown of the drills and being able to see videos of the drills being executed.

Dec 19, 21 12:17 PM

Coach Juan Carlos Lozano

WOW, Spin IT TO Win IT1!! YES, after this course if you have completed the ARC course first then you will be a master of the Air Raid System! I cannot tell you how valuable it was to see and hear Coach Hal Mumme himself on the field coaching the players as they went through the drills. You have to read those tidbits from the ARC but here Coach wraps it up in a bow and makes you an Air Raid Coach. I loved it and forever will be an Air Raid Disciple. On one hand you do not want to tell coaches how good this is, but you have to share the blessings! Thank you Coach Mumme... 5 Stars

Dec 27, 21 06:07 AM

Rod Baker

Very informative and hands on.

Jan 7, 22 10:36 AM

Jeff Janovich

Amazing course once again from Coach Mumme. Love the drills to have Qbs and WRs go through. Some I didnt even think of to help aid in properly preparing them for gametime.

Jan 17, 22 04:25 PM

Anthony Pirri

The drill and skill development between the QB and Receivers will be real helpful for this upcoming season. It was beneficial to see Hal on the field working the drills. All part of the process. I highly recommend the Air Raid Certification and Masters Course.

Jan 19, 22 06:19 PM

Alec Hunt

Loved it

Feb 16, 22 08:41 AM

Jimmy Gregory

Great drills for the q.b. and w.r. that can be used at the high school or college level. Coach Mumme does a great job teaching and having the drills demonstrated.

Mar 17, 22 05:41 PM

John Bronkhorst

Anything that Coach Mumme puts together is worth its weight in gold. If you are an Air Raider, get this course now!!!

Apr 5, 22 11:38 AM

Kelly Mote

Great course, information and instruction.

Jul 5, 22 02:27 PM

Conner Guetter


Aug 15, 22 09:51 AM


Really good look at some of the in depth drills necessary to successfully run the Air Raid.

Sep 11, 22 05:46 PM

Karl Filmer-Sankey

Really enjoyed this content. It adds to the Certification and examples are well explained.

Sep 29, 22 05:04 AM

Rob Kaufman

Good course.

Nov 22, 22 10:34 PM

Jacob Arnold


Dec 2, 22 05:45 AM

Gary Roberson

This is a great teaching tool to help coaches learn exactly how to implement the Air Raid into their practice and develop QBs and WRs for this offense.

Dec 20, 22 08:32 AM

Bill Marohn

This course gives you actionable drills to help you implement your Air Raid system. It takes the knowledge built in the certification program to the next level by showing you the teaching points to go from the whiteboard to the field.

Jan 3, 23 06:00 AM

Dan Hancock

Great course, filled with some excellent drills. Looking forward to putting more of them into practice.

Jan 10, 23 07:30 AM

Scott Rigsby

The drills and setup were good. There could be some more discussion on the videos.

Jan 16, 23 03:59 PM

Thomas Randle

Awesome Information and Drill work! Very thorough and I increased my knowledge. I would have liked a bit more discussion/chalk talk on the in game clips.

Mar 2, 23 05:38 AM

John Salazar

Excellent course. Great drills for QB's.

May 26, 23 06:44 AM


Could listen to this 24/7 Learning the Air Raid . Fantastic lessons.

Jul 1, 23 12:16 PM

Douglas Bilodeau

Great presentation Coach, worth every penny.

Nov 25, 23 12:58 PM

Joshuah Bencke

Great course with drills to teach QBs and WRs, as well as cut ups!!! Mumme describes and shows each drill, and why you do it!

Nov 25, 23 10:23 PM

Cliff Bozarth

Great course!

Mar 25, 24 06:59 PM

Leo Carter

Excellent course

Apr 26, 24 11:55 AM

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