Air Raid 3.0: Where the Air Raid meets the world of the RPO

by Surface to Air
Air Raid 3.0: Where the Air Raid meets the world of the RPO


Rich Hargitt, creator of  Surface To Air (S2A) takes you into the world of the 3.0 Air Raid Offense.

3.0 is where the Air Raid meets the world of the RPO


Spend over an hour and a half (90+ minutes), coupled with 70+ in-game video clips, of Hargitt detailing where the offense has been and where it is going.

Enter into the mind of Coach Hargitt as he details where offensive football lives in 2019 and beyond.


This course will cover topics like:

- Defining where the offense has been: Air Raid 1.0 (Definition slides included)

- Defining where the offense has been: Air Raid 2.0 (Definition slides included)

- Defining where the offense is currently, and where it's going: Air Raid 3.0 (Definition slides included)

- Showcasing the 4 Drop Back schemes (4 Verts, Y-Cross, Shallow Cross, and Mesh)


The evolution into the 3.0 Offense (Film video evidence)

- Understanding and executing Post-Snap Read RPO's

- Giving the Q.B. autonomy by allowing him to execute Frontdoor throws

- Utilizing surface changes to take advantage of the defense

- Adding tags to hurt man coverage

- Using motion to take advantage of defensive schemes 

- Using RPO's to exploit the 2nd level of the defense

- A 3rd level RPO

- Going off the reservation: Throwing wrinkles into the offense

- Utilizing PAP's

- Inserting the T.E. 

- Gap Run RPO's

- Outside Zone Run RPO's

- S-Calls as drop backs 


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The Coach


Surface to Air

Creator of Surface to Air


Rich Hargitt has been a football coach since 1999.

He has served as a head football coach and offensive coordinator at the high school level in Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

In 2018 he made the move to the state of Idaho. He is now the head football coach for the Emmett Huskies in Emmett, Idaho.

Since 2017 Rich has been the co-founder and operator Surface to Air (S2A). This service is helping football coaching staffs in 42 states and on 3 continents. S2A is a 24/7 consulting service that provides an extra coach at the table, and allows staffs to taylor their attack to gain more first downs, score more points, and win more games.

In 2010, he earned a Master’s of Arts Degree in Physical Education with Coaching Specialization from Ball State University. Hargitt’s teams have utilized the Air Raid Offense to upset several quality teams and the offense has produced school record holders in rushing and passing.  Coach Hargitt’s first Air Raid Quarterback, Mitch Niekamp, holds several college records at Illinois College and is currently a starting Quarterback in Europe’s professional leagues. 

He previously contributed to a six-part video series on the Spread Wing-T offense for American Football Monthly and has been published numerous times in coaching journals on the Air Raid Offense. He has spoken for both the Nike Coach of the Clinics and the Glazier Clinics about the Air Raid Offense.  His first book 101 Shotgun Wing-T Plays was published by Coaches Choice in 2012.  Coach Hargitt’s second book 101 Air Raid Plays was published by Coaches Choice in 2013.  Hargitt’s third book, Coaching the Air Raid Offense, was published in 2014.  Hargitt’s fourth and fifth books, Packaging Plays in the Air Raid Offense and Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense, were released in January of 2015.  Coach Hargitt has also collaborated with Coaches Choice on a series of DVDs detailing the Air Raid Offense. 

Hargitt brought the Air Raid Offense to Nation Ford High School in 2011 where he helped lead the Falcons to their first non-losing season, first AAA Region victory, first AAA Playoff berth, and first AAA Playoff victory.  In 2012, Hargitt’s offense broke the school single game and single season offensive records for passing yards, touchdowns, and points scored.  Also in 2012, Hargitt helped lead Nation Ford HS to the AAAA playoffs for the first time in school history.  

In 2013, Hargitt helped lead the Ashbrook Greenwave to the second round of NCHSAA AAA playoffs and a 9-4 overall record.  He is currently the Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator at Eastside HS in Taylors, SC.  In 2015 Hargitt’s offense achieved a statewide Top 10 ranking, averaged 383 yards per game (231 passing, 152 rushing), finished ranked in the Top 10 of the state and Top 5 of AAA in passing, achieved 2nd non-losing season in 13 years. 

In 2016 the offense improved even further as the team advanced to the SCHSL AAAA Playoffs.  In addition, the offense averaged 488 yards per game (286 passing, 202 rushing) and 41 points per game in the regular season and finished the season in AAAA ranked 4th in rushing (2,127 yards), 3rd in rushing touchdowns (27), 1st in passing (3,311 yards), 1st in yards passing per game (301), 1st in pass completions (257), 1st in pass attempts (365), 1st in passing touchdowns (37), 1st in completion percentage (70%), 1st in touchdowns scored (65), 1st in scoring (453), 1st in PATs made (53) and 1st in total yardage from scrimmage (5,438 yards).  The offense also led the State of South Carolina in Total Yardage from Scrimmage (5,438 yards).  The 2016 offense also featured a quarterback that completed the 3rd most passes in a game and 3rd most touchdown passes in a single game in state history.  In addition, the offense featured a receiver that the 4th most passes in a single game and 6th most passes in a season in state history.

Since 2011, Hargitt’s teams have amassed 24,816 total yards with 14,698 of those yards coming through the air and 10,118 yards on the ground.   Hargitt is married to Lisa and they have two sons Griffin and Graham.

Coach Hargitt can be found on Twitter at: @CoachHargitt


From more information on Surface to Air go to

On Twitter at: @S2ASystem and email at:

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