Air Raid Quick Game: A Breakdown of Mike Leach`s 617, 619, and 618

Drew Piscopo breaks down some of Mike Leach's favorite quick game concepts: 617, 618, 618H, 619, and 618 PST WHL. This is a in depth decription of the plays with helpful tips throughout and All-22 Cutups of Washington State's quick game.

1 Intro 02:29
2 617 24:01
3 619 14:25
4 618 14:12
5 618 with Motions 17:25
6 3x1 618 PST WHL 09:07

DrewPiscopo Drew Piscopo Air Raid OC and QB Coach

I've coached in the Air Raid offense for four years, and played quarterback in college in this offense.

We have thrown for over 3,000 yards in under 11 games all four years and ranked in the top 4 in North Carolina passing yards all 4 years.

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Downriver Wolfpack
Downriver Wolfpack

Coach Piscopo does a great job breaking down the Mike Leach Air Raid Quick Game and explains in great detail the in's and out's of the 617, 619, and a couple of variations of the 618. Well done coach. The attention to detail really makes this clinic one i will refer to over and over again.
Feb 15, 18 02:46 AM


Great explanation and detail of how to run these concepts.
Apr 22, 18 08:30 PM

Ron McKie

This is a freaking amazing course. Because of this course I’ve installed 617/619 and we have been KILLING teams. Great job coach.
Jun 27, 18 04:29 PM


Jul 2, 18 06:23 AM


Jan 13, 19 11:52 AM

John 'Coach' Maurek
John Maurek

Excellent Job!
Mar 12, 19 05:00 PM