Attacking the 4-4 Defense with The Triple Gun Offense

by Tony DeMeo
Attacking the 4-4 Defense with The Triple Gun Offense


Attacking the 44 Defense focuses on the weaknesses inherent in a 4-4 Defense and how to attack them with the Triple Gun Offense (and for that matter - ANY Offense !) 

This course is another collaborative effort between Coach Tony DeMeo and Option Central that starts with an overview of the 4-4 Defense along with a Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics for how to attack it. 

"It all starts with the Gun Triple" and the course opens with a "deep dive" into the "core play" in the Offense. Game video is used extensively by Coach DeMeo to illustrate Give, Keep and Pitch reads as well as how the Gun Triple adapts to Defensive tactics such as "stemming".  Coach DeMeo explains how to use formations and motion to attack the defense, and create advantages for the Offense while making it possible to get the ball to any ball carrier.

This comprehensive course also includes sections on the Triple Gun Quick Game, Double Options that "put speed in space" and "make the big guys chase", and the Play Action Passing game off the Gun Triple that takes advantage of the inherent weaknesses of 3 Deep coverage schemes by attacking seams with the Hitch/Seam combination. 

Also included is a collection of Supplemental Runs that are ideally suited to attacking a 4-4 that features the Half Reverse and the QB Iso.  The course concludes with a section on Spreading the Defense with Empty sets, and includes two RPOs that, like many of the aspects of Coach DeMeo's Offense were "ahead of their time". 

Attacking the 44 Defense combines Powerpoint slides, Chalkboard-style play diagrams and extensive game video presented in "Chalk Talk style" format. . Over 3 hours of instruction organized into 39 lessons - with over 20 "Chalk Talk" style presentations of plays in the Triple Gun Offense.  


1 Course Overview and Preview 2 Strategy and Tactics - Game Planning and in-game Adjustments 3 The 4-4 Defense
The Gun Triple vs the 4-4
4 It all starts with the Gun Triple 5 Gun Triple with Seal Blocking - Give 6 Gun Triple with Seal Blocking - Keep 7 Gun Triple with Seal Blocking- Pitch 8 Gun Triple vs 4-4 Stem 9 Gun Triple Coaching Points 10 Gun Triple from Pro Set - Pitch 11 Gun Triple from Pro - Give 12 Wing Over Gun Triple 13 Stretching the HOK 14 Gun Triple from Empty
The Triple Gun Short Passing Game vs the 4-4
15 Eight between the Slots - The Hitch game 16 The Hitch / Seam Combo
Double Options vs the 4-4
17 Put Speed in Space and Make the Big Guys Chase - Speed Option 18 Speed Option 19 Empty Speed 20 Stud Option - Blocking the HOK 21 Stud Option to Ends 22 Stud Option to the Boundary 23 Exotics 24 Compress to Cause Stress
Play Action Pass Game vs the 4-4
25 Play Action from the Triple Gun 26 Stretch Pass with Seam 27 Crossers 28 Jet Crossers 29 Wheel Pass 30 Post / Wheel
Supplemental Runs vs the 4-4
31 Supplemental Runs 32 Half Reverse vs 4-4 33 The Jet Sweep Package vs 4-4 34 Empty Jet Sweep 35 QB Iso 36 QB Iso vs Blitz 37 QB Iso with Whirley Motion
Spreading them out
38 Using Formations and Motion 39 QB Draw 40 Empty

The Coach


Tony DeMeo

Offensive innovator and successful College Football Coach who created The Triple Gun Offense


Recognized and respected as a Head Football Coach at the Collegiate level, an Offensive innovator and the creator of the Triple Gun Offense, Coach Tony DeMeo has published numerous books and DVDs and remains a popular speaker, teacher and clinician.  Coach DeMeo has a football-oriented web site at

In his 25 years of experience as a head college football coach, Tony DeMeo built a reputation for turning around college programs, and had an overall record of 137-108-4. Coach DeMeo completed his career at the University of Charleston with a six year tenure in which the Golden Eagles produced more victories (43) than during any other six year period in school history. Included in that stint was an 8-3 season that marked the greatest turnaround in conference history and a 9-2 season in 2009. DeMeo's 2009 team achieved a Top 20 national ranking in the AFCA poll and led the nation in a number of offensive categories, including scoring (7th seventh in the nation), pass efficiency (1st), rushing (4th), red zone offense (7th).

Tony DeMeo's career included successful head coaching stints at other schools, including Washburn University (KS) and Mercyhurst College, where he started the football program in 1981 and produced a 41-21-2 record over seven years. He also served as the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Richmond (2002-2003), Murray State University (1992), and Temple University (1988), and as an assistant coach at the University of Massachusetts (1991), the University of Delaware (1988), the University of Pennsylvania (1979-1980) and Pace University (1973 -1974). Coach DeMeo began his head coaching career at his alma mater, Iona College and compiled a 22-10-2 record including two conference championships that earned him two MCC Conference Coach of the Year awards in 1976 and 1977, and an induction into the Iona College Hall of Fame in 1997.

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Andrew Brown

It's a blueprint for how to beat the 4-4 defense. Very comprehensive

Jan 7, 23 07:51 PM

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