Brady Walz, Ankeny HS, IA - Offensive Organization and Progression

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Brady Walz, Ankeny HS, IA - Offensive Organization and Progression


Learning where to start building your offense can be a struggle as a coordinator. Coach Brady Walz gives us the breakdown of his offseason process, as well as team scorecards, and offensive flow charts & organization. 

When he talks about the offseason process, he mentions that keeping things simple is key. If you cannot explain things in simple terms, then you do not completely understand your own processes. As a coach, you need to completely understand your processes in order to get the point across to your team fully and efficiently. He also expresses the importance of concept mapping and encourages the use of mindmap tools. Using a concept map allows you to see how everything in your offense or defense is connected. He speaks on where your priorities lie and the number 1 priority for any coach should be your players. He also discusses how important it is to attract and empower athletes. He mentions a strong social media presence is needed to attract new athletes. You never know if a top-tier athlete's parents move to your city and you want to attract them to go to your school. In order to empower your athletes, you need to create ways for them to win. This can be done by keeping score.

Keeping score not only empowers your athletes but also helps you see where each and every athlete is at. Record. Rank. Publish. Record everything you possibly can on and off the field like stats, tackles, yards per carry, weights, speeds, catches, and much more. Then rank your athletes like who has the most tackles, who bench pressed the most weight, who has the most catches, etc. Then you publish the results where every coach and player can see them. This will be helpful to both you the coach and the athletes to see who is performing the best and be able to make informed decisions on who to play on Friday nights. This also creates a competition for the athletes to really push themselves to be ranked the highest. Coach Walz takes you through 3 different charts that you can use and have inspiration on what to track your team with. This will also keep accountability within your team. It will push them to work harder and not miss a beat.

Now that you have your players motivated and inspired, it is time to break down your offensive plan. Coach Walz reveals 3 Concept Maps for what works in his offense. You can always refer to these when studying film on enemy defenses and see make decisions for what will work best for your team. Organization is key. 

If you are a coach who wants to enhance your offseason game, keep score and empower your athletes, and stay organized, then this course is a must! 

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