Champion Bootcamp: The Complete Football Training Guide

Four of the leading high school football coaches from across the US have come together to teach you the techniques your team needs to successful. These football drills have been divided into three separate courses for Offense, Defense and Special Teams to make sure you can deliver a high level of expertise to every one of your players. Gain their trust and take them to the next level with these instructional videos so your team can start racking up those wins.

1 Quarterback Drills: Set in the Pocket
2 Quarterback Drills: Balance in the Pocket
3 Quarterback Drills: Throw on the Run
4 Quarterback Drills: High Knees
5 Quarterback Drills: Hand Strength
6 Quarterback Drills: Throwing Motion Drill
7 Tight End Tips & Drills: Stance
8 Tight End Tips & Drills: Start
9 Tight End Tips & Drills: Release
10 Tight End Tips & Drills: Break Point
11 Linebacker: Lateral Movement Drill
12 Linebacker: Pursuit Drill
13 Linebacker: Read and Step Drill
14 Defensive Line Tips & Drills: Run Circle
15 Defensive Line Tips & Drills: Defensive Line Stance
16 Defensive Line Tips & Drills: React to Key
17 Defensive Line Tips & Drills: Dent Rip
18 Defensive Line Tips & Drills: Counter at the Level
19 Defensive Back Tips & Drills: Basic Stance
20 Defensive Back Tips & Drills: Football Defensive Back: Backpedaling Basics
21 Defensive Back Tips & Drills : Football Defensive Back: Backpedal and React Drill
22 Defensive Back Tips & Drills: Backpedal and React Drill
23 Defensive Back Tips & Drills: Backpedal and Break
24 Defensive Back Tips & Drills: Backpedal, Break and Ball Skills
25 Footwork & Agility Drills: Speed Cross Drill
26 Footwork & Agility Drills: Basic Footwork Drill
27 Footwork & Agility Drills: Icky Shuffle
28 Footwork & Agility Drills: One Foot Hops
29 Footwork & Agility Drills: Rope Ladder Drill
Special Teams
30 Punt Block
31 Punt Protection Iron Cross
32 Punt Protection Kick Slide
33 Punt Protection Kick Slide
34 Hold Up Return
35 Catch Up Drill

AaronBrady Aaron Brady Head Football Coach for Gonzaga College High School

Aaron Brady is the head football coach for Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.C. Coach Brady has more than 23 years of football experience, having been team captain at Rutgers and coached for Clarion, Duke and Georgetown universities.

Leonard Stephens is an assistant coach at Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.C. and played college ball at Howard University, then going on to play for six years in the National Football League.

Eric Wysocki, aka "Coach Dub", is an assistant coach at Bayside High School in Bayside, N.Y. He serves as the defensive coordinator and has coached the offensive line, linebackers and special teams.

Jason Levitt is the head coach at Bayside High School in Bayside, N.Y. and has also served as special teams coordinator, offensive back coach and safety coach. He is a graduate of Concordia University, where he played cornerback and running back, and completed the Master's and Teachers Certification Physical Education programs at Hofstra University. 

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Jaimel Hill
Jaimel Hill

Properly taught special teams blocking is big success to start your drive
May 29, 16 08:29 AM