Cody Kennedy - The Duo Play

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Cody Kennedy - The Duo Play


In this course, Coach Cody Kennedy discusses the Duo play. Coach Kennedy introduces the play by discussing the blocking assignments and techniques for the OL. He shows examples of under, over, and odd front looks and the ways in which to block each front. Coach Kennedy shows game film, from both college and the NFL, detailing the play in both 11 and 12 personnel with examples of both motion and bunch formations as well. The clinic concludes with a recorded question and answer section. If you are a coach who wants to master the Duo Play and dominate the line of scrimmage, then you do not want to miss this course!

At the beginning of the course, he breaks down what exactly Duo Play is. He teaches the blocking assignments, foundations, what to do if there is an odd front, and how to deal with add-in defenders. 

Next, he breaks down the Duo vs. 4 Down. He shows off multiple formations and reads with live film that will help you completely understand what he is coaching and make it easy for you to implement to your squad. He shows off the duo vs 4 down with both an 11 and 12 man personnel. He also breaks down different types of footwork to use, what to do if there is a blitz, and all sorts of varieties you may run into on the field. He covers all the basics to be prepared for any kind of defensive alignment your team may run into. 

After breaking down the duo vs. 4 down, he details out the Duo vs 3 Down. He points out and shows you the best compliment play to the duo. He also teaches the difference between doing the duo blocking towards the boundary or towards the field. He teaches different reads and alignments between 11 and 12 man personnel. If you are a coach who wants to add the duo blocking scheme to your offense, you are not going to want to miss out on this great course!

Finally, he shows off the proper blocking techniques for the bunch formation. He breaks down multiple footwork sets and types of motion with it. These will show you how to use the bunch formation to your advantage and teach you how to run it well. He even has a Q&A section where there are some frequently asked questions. If you are a coach who wants to learn more about the duo play and implement it in your offense, then this is the course for you!


1 Introduction - The Duo Play 4:02 2 OL Foundation Steps 1:23 3 Duo Blocking Assignments 5:17 4 Four Down Examples of Duo Blocking 11:24 5 Odd Front Examples of Duo Blocking 1:56 6 Dealing with Add-In Defenders 3:03
Duo vs 4 Down
7 12 Personnel Field Duo vs Over Front with Motion - Inside Read 3:33 8 12 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Over Front - Inside Read 2:55 9 12 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Over - Bounce Read 1:40 10 Teaching a Playside Duo Double vs a Traditional Gap Double 1:22 11 11 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Over Cross Blitz 2:32 12 12 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Over - Inside Read 1:41 13 12 Personnel Boundary Duo with Counter Footwork vs Under - Bounce Read 2:30 14 11 Personnel Boundary Duo with Gun Footwork vs Under - Inside Read 1:05
Duo vs 3 Down & NFL Film
15 12 Personnel Field Duo vs Tight Front - Bounce Read 3:38 16 11 Personnel Boundary Duo with Nasty Split vs Tight Front - Bounce Read 3:08 17 Best Compliment Play to Duo 2:41 18 12 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Tight Front - Inside Read 2:13 19 12 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Over - Inside Read 1:22
Bunch Formation
20 Bunch Formation vs Over Front - Inside Read 1:19 21 Bunch Formation vs Over Front - Bounce Read 0:47 22 Motion to Bunch Formation with Counter Footwork vs Under - Bounce Read 1:21 23 Bunch Formation with Counter Footwork vs Over Front - Bounce Read 0:26 24 Bunch Formation vs Over Front - Inside Read 0:37
Question & Answer
25 Q&A - When to Install Duo 1:08 26 Q&A - Duo vs Bear Front 0:55 27 Q&A - QB Duo 0:59 28 Q&A - Center Responsibility vs 2 Techniques 1:06 29 Q&A - 3-3 Stack 0:53

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Cody Kennedy | University of Arkansas | Offensive Line 

Coach Cody Kennedy was recently hired to be the Offensive Line coach at Arkansas in 2021. Prior to his move to Arkansas, Coach Kennedy spent the past two seasons as the OL coach at Tulane. This past season, the Green Wave scored 30 or more points in seven straight games. With his help in 2020, Tulane scored 32 on-the-field touchdowns tying them for the 7th most in the nation. The 2019 Tulane offense ranked 11th in the nation in rushing offense at 243.2 yards per game and set a program record at 3,162 yards rushing overall.

Coaching Experience:

2012-2013: West Alabama (Graduate Assistant, Offensive Line)
2014: West Georgia (Offensive Line)
2015: UNC Pembroke (Offensive Line)
2016-2017: West Georgia (Offensive Line)
2018: Georgia (Graduate Assistant)
2019-2020: Tulane (Offensive Line)
2020: Southern Miss (Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line)
2021-Present: Arkansas (Offensive Line)

Ratings and Reviews (10)

Leonardo Pico Devia

simple and clear, love to lear about the running game

May 25, 21 11:39 AM

Curt Alderman

Excellent presentation! Definitely recommend for anybody thinking about adding this to your playbook. (You should add this to your playbook)

Mar 6, 22 03:50 PM


Coach Kennedy does an excellent job of coaching the details of this play.

Apr 6, 22 07:04 AM

Nick Bandstra

Great course!!!

Apr 26, 22 04:40 PM


Really learned a bunch about this scheme, thought the presenter did a great job of breaking it down to the small details

Jul 24, 22 09:51 AM

billybob225 bob

Great presentation

Aug 14, 22 12:57 PM

Utavius Ingram

Great Course! Excellent Details!!!

Sep 16, 22 06:40 AM


Great teacher. The best clinic on Duo that I've seen. Coach Kennedy diagrams the play vs. multiple fronts and has game tape with talk-throughs against each front. We run Duo and learned a lot from the X & O Clinics "Perfect Marriage of Power & Duo" Clinic but this will help us run Duo more effectively next season.

Dec 1, 22 10:55 AM

Dan Blackbourn

Very easy to understand with great coaching points! Highly recommend.

Dec 19, 22 05:56 AM


Great - especially if you are an 11 personnel spread team.

Jan 1, 23 10:15 AM

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