Cover 3 (1 High Zone) Match Principles vs. 3x1 Formations

by Surface to Air


This course is a continuation of Coach Bartee's first and second course offerings:

The First Course: Detailed position maintance and dividers in 1 High Middle of Field (M.O.F.) Closed Coverage.

The Second Course: Detailed Cover 3 (1 High Zone) Match Principles vs. 2x2 Formations

This course goes deeper into the scheme by detailing Match Principles that allows a defense to play cover 3 and 6 and 1 High Match vs. 3x1 Offensive sets.  

Once again, Surface to Air System (S2A) presents this course with the dual purpose of learning little known and seldom taught fundamentals of coverage, as well as understanding how our offense will be defended.

This course is packed with Coach Bartee teaching the scheme on both the white board and through game film.

Points that will be covered in this course:

-Flash Concept: Combining Flood Coverage with Match Principles

-Teaching the Take Back Concept

-Understanding Skake and Mable

-Teaching Skate Coverage with Regular Flood Principles

-Teaching Weak Rotation Flood Coverage

-Understanding "Flooding the Coverage"

-How to react to Back Fast to the Flat

-Defending and Aligning to 20 Personnel

-Defending RPO's from Mable

-Setting Mable to Quads sets

-Positioning the Rotating Safety




1 Introduction to the Coverage vs. 3x1 Formations 0:58 2 Flood Concept - Teaching from the slides 4:30 3 Using the whiteboard to teach the concepts 4:48
Downloadable Teaching Slides
4 Cover 3/6 - 3x1 Flood teaching slide 5 Cover 3/6 - 3x1 Flash teaching slide 6 Flood Concept vs Single Width 3x1 7 Cover 3/6 - Take Back teaching slide
The Fundamentals of Covering down to 3x1
8 Teaching drops in the coverage and relating to receivers down the field 7:51 9 Take Back and Pass Back Concept Rules 8:02 10 Teaching Slides - Flash (combining Flood with Match Principles) 3:13 11 Teaching Slides - Take Back Concept 0:44 12 Teaching Slides - Flood vs. Single Width 2:32 13 Teaching Slides - Cover 3/6 Responsibilities Chart 2:07
Skate Teaching Clips
14 Teaching Clips: Skate 5:18 15 Teaching Clips: Skate part 2 4:01 16 Teaching Clips: Flash Principle to Trips 2:52 17 Teaching Clips: Skate Coverage with Regular Flood Principles 4:17 18 Teaching Clips: Weak Rotation Flood Coverage 2:41 19 Teaching Clips: Basic Skate 1:21 20 Teaching Clips: Flooding the Coverage vs. an Empty Set 3:57 21 Teaching Clips: Weak side Rotation vs. 4 Verts 3:43 22 Teaching Clips: Take Back Technique 4:38 23 Teaching Clips: Reacting to Back Fast to the Flat 2:38 24 Teaching Clips: Take Back Technique part 2 4:24
Mable Teaching Clips
25 Teaching Clips: Teaching Mable 5:52 26 Teaching Clips: Playing an RPO from Mable 2:33 27 Teaching Clips: Defending and Aligning to 20 Personnel 1:52 28 Teaching Clips: Mable vs. a Quad Set 2:32 29 Teaching Clips: Rotating the Safties and playing Mable vs. Jet Motion 2:19 30 Teaching Clips: Positioning the Rotating Safety 2:47 31 Teaching Clips: Aligning to and Playing Quads 2:00
32 Review and Conclusion 5:37

The Coach


Surface to Air

Creator of Surface to Air


Dante Bartee is a rising star in the football coaching profession. His expertise in defensive teaching methodologies are beginning to be noticed by his peers.

Dante joined the Upper Iowa University football staff for his first season in 2018-19 as an assistant coach. Bartee coaches the linebackers for the Peacocks.

Bartee comes to Fayette from Tempe, Arizona where he has coached at Perry High School in Gilbert for the last four years.

At Perry, Bartee began his coaching career early on. As a junior and senior, he helped the coaching staff with film analysis and scout teams. Beginning in 2014, Bartee was part of the coaching staff for the varsity team at Perry; he was 18. In Bartee's second season he was the co-defensive coordinator before taking the role on his own over the last two seasons.

While coaching with the Pumas, Bartee completed his Bachelors Degree in justice studies at Arizona State University in December 2017.

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If you want to learn MOFC Zone match principles, Get all of Coach Bartee's Courses

Jan 7, 20 08:52 AM


A must have course if you are considering running 1 high zone match.

Feb 10, 20 04:35 PM

Gideon Cavallo

Great course! Coach Bartee, breaks down on the little details on playing Match 3 against 3x1 sets. He goes through terminology and explains what it all means, he also does a great job of showing key concepts that county cover 3 teams face as well as any patterns that give match 3 challenges. Bartee always explains the "WHY" they are doing what they do and how to do it.

Mar 18, 20 06:10 PM

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