Defending 3x1 Formations in 2 under 3 Deep Coverage

by Brian Vaughn
Defending 3x1 Formations in 2 under 3 Deep Coverage


Adjusting the Post Safety's Technique in 2 Under 3 Deep Coverage


The Coach

I'm a 15 year college coaching veteran as a Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach. I've coached D2, D3, and JuCo. I also write a football website

Ratings and Reviews (17)

Brett Dudley

Great stuff!

Jun 22, 20 09:21 PM

Jerry Gordon

Excellent Course. Clear, concise and explains WHY. Video is excellent quality

Jun 23, 20 06:05 AM

Gustav Mesaros

Excellent adjustment to 3x1 hot coverage. Very good walkthrough of the adjustment and a couple of clips to go with it. Good stuff.

Jun 23, 20 04:17 PM

Coach K

Good video. Clear explanation of technique, and WHY. Good stuff.

Jul 2, 20 07:56 PM


Excellent course. Great information. We have used 3 deep 2 underneath coverage but never with this technique. We will be playing it this way from now on. Thanks for sharing Coach! Also, I'm a fan of the blog. Looking forward to more.

Jul 4, 20 06:07 AM

Chris Brown

Excellent course

Oct 17, 20 12:43 PM


Coach does a great job of teaching the Ratchet technique. The course was well done.

Nov 27, 20 05:25 PM

Robert Rosenberger

great stuff

Dec 4, 20 09:29 PM

Craig Ryan

Great and easy adjustment to fill the void. We already do some 3 deep 2 under "vision" drops, but this is a great and affordable adjustment vs 3x1 to take away the hot throw/window to both sides without putting the overhang/seam player in a bind. Thanks for sharing, Coach.

Jan 9, 21 07:58 AM

Will Willoughby

Great explanation of the coverage adjustment to handle 3 x 1. Coach Vaughn had great coaching points throughout his material. I highly recommend this course to anyone who runs "Eyes" coverage and faces teams emplying 3 x 1 formations.

Jan 20, 21 12:22 PM

Gilbert Gonzales

Coach Vaughn is a fantastic resource, and he is a quality speaker.

Feb 6, 21 09:19 AM

John Jordan

Great course - very informative!

Apr 18, 21 03:41 AM

Neema Salimi

So much good info on 3D2U in just 10 minutes!

Apr 24, 21 08:10 PM

Rick Larrick

Great presentation with great video!

Jun 28, 21 05:04 PM

Christopher Hall

Excellent technique to use at any level... but especially high school. If you run Hot Pressures this is a great tool!

Jun 13, 22 02:05 PM

Billy Pluim

Great adjustment for dealing with 3x1 problem with this type of pressure creates. Video is very helpful for seeing technique in live action.

Feb 16, 23 11:50 AM

Mason Dunn

Effective technique that offers quick solution to Hot issues in 2U3D.

May 4, 23 12:55 PM

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