Defending the Spread with a 4-4 or 4-2-5 Defense
by Pat Fox

No doubt the 4-4 defense has been a mainstay in our game for decades and will be for years to come.  It is a sound run-stuffing scheme against 21 and other heavier personnel, but it is not always the best answer when facing a full spread-it-out tempo offense.  Coach Pat Fox has been running this defense for years and has adapted the defense to face today’s spread schemes, including RPOs.  Join Coach Pat Fox as he clinics other coaches about stopping the spread by adapting his 4-4 scheme to frustrate spread offenses.

PatFox Pat Fox

Pat Fox has served as a head coach in five Michigan high schools: Ortonville–Brandon, Berkley, Ann Arbor Pioneer, Milford, and Notre Dame Prep. During the course of his career, Fox has led his teams to over 100 wins, multiple league championships, and three appearances in the regional finals. Fox has turned around multiple dormant programs, including Milford High School, where he posted a record of 50-29, two league championships, and two district titles. Prior to his arrival at Milford High School, the Mavericks had experienced twenty consecutive seasons of losing football.  

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