Defensive Line Play

by John Levra
Defensive Line Play


In this instructional coaching video, seasoned veteran John Levra uses knowledge of the game garnered through his many years of coaching experience to demonstrate how a defense that is on point can destroy the confidence of the opposing team's quarterback. Defensive Line Play is a straightforward, goal oriented resource for learning how to craft a relentless and intimidating defense.

Featuring four different coaching programs, this coaching course is an invaluable instructional tool for defensive line coaches.

Topics covered include:

Pass-Rush Fundamentals and Techniques
Pass-Rush Drills
Pass-Rush Games and Stunts
Teaching Pass-Rush Fundamentals, Techniques, and Drills Without Equipment
Teaching Run Defense Fundamentals, Techniques, and Drills Without Equipment


Part 1: Pass Rush Fundamentals and Techniques
1 Intro 2 The Important Qualities of Pass Rushers 3 Give Young Players a Chance to Rush 4 Important Fundamentals of a Pass Rusher 5 Outside Hand Down / Outside Foot Back In Action 6 Never Let Your Feet Stop Moving in Action 7 Stutter Technique 8 Swim Technique 9 Counter Technique 10 Spin Technique 11 Always Keep Eleven Guys Playing Defense 12 Pass Rush Drills 13 Agility Drills 14 Footwork Drills 15 Draw & Screen Drills 16 Running the Hoops 17 Running the Hoops - Game Film 18 Swim Drill 19 Swim Drill - Game Film 20 The Rip Drill 21 The Rip Drill - Game Film 22 Jab 'o Lay or Counter Drill 23 Jab 'o Lay or Counter Drill - Game Film 24 The Spin Move Drill 25 The Spin Move Drill - Game Film 26 The Gauntlet Drill 27 Player to Player Drills 28 Player to Player Drills - Game Film
Part 2: Pass Rush Games & Stunts
29 Getting in the Gap 30 The T-E Game 31 The T-E Game in Action 32 The E-T Game 33 The E-T Game in Action 34 The Tackle Tackle or Tom Game 35 The Tom Game in Action 36 4 Man Rushes 37 The Double T-E in Action 38 The E-T / T-E in Action 39 3 Man Rushes
Part 3: Teaching Pass Rush Fundamentals, Techniques & Drills Without Equipment
40 Intro 41 Shuffle Drill: Reach 42 Shuffle Game Examples 43 Point Toe Drill: Tight to Blocker 44 Point Toe Game Examples 45 Flip Hips Drill: Getting to the Edge 46 Flip Hips Game Examples 47 Hands Drill: Over & Back 48 Hands Drill: 5 Yards Continuous 49 Hands Drill Game Examples 50 Lock-Up Drill: One Arm by the Blocker 51 Lock Up: Two Arms - Shuffle Spin 52 Spin Move Game Examples 53 Butt-Bull: One Arm Longer Turn Pads 54 Butt-Bull - One Arm Game Examples 55 Out of Stance: Counter Move 56 Counter Move Game Examples 57 Read the Set 58 Draw & Screen Drill 59 Catch Up Drill 60 Take Off Corner Dip Accelerate Through QB 61 Mirror Drill: Hands & Feet 62 Variety of Good Rushes Game Examples 63 Conclusion
Part 4: Teaching Run Defense Fundamentals, Techniques, and Drills Without Equipment
64 Intro 65 Take Off Drill 66 One on One Blocking Drill 67 Two on One Drills 68 Double Team Drills 69 Reading Blocking Schemes 70 Stunt: Slant Charge & Change of Direction Drill 71 Lockout Separate & Form Tackle 72 Run or Pass Read Drill 73 Conclusion

The Coach


John Levra

Former defense line coach for the Buffalo Bills


John Levra retired from coaching after serving for 44 years in the profession. He finished his career as the defense line coach for the Buffalo Bills (five years). He served in the same position with the Minnesota Vikings for three years. For two years at the Denver Broncos, he was the offensive line coach. Prior to that experience, he coached the defensive line for the Chicago Bears for seven years. His first NFL position was as the running backs coach for the New Orleans Saints (five years). In 1980, he was the defensive line coach for the British Columbia Lions of the CFL. In his 15 years as a defensive line coach, his units averaged 46 sacks a season. John spent seven years as a high school coach in Kansas before his college coaching career began at New Mexico Highlands as an assistant in 1966. He then became the Cowboys’ head coach (1967–70) and posted the best coaching record (35-4-1) in school history. He was named the athletic director and head football coach at Stephen F. Austin University in 1971, where he established the second-best winning percentage in the school’s history. In 1974, he moved to the University of Kansas, where he served as the Jayhawk’s offensive coordinator for four seasons. He then accepted the same position at North Texas State for one season (1979). John is a graduate of Pittsburg (KS) State, where he earned All-Central Intercollegiate Conference honors as a guard/linebacker. John is widely respected as one of the most outstanding “teachers” in the coaching profession. He is a much sought-after clinic speaker and has produced three best-selling instructional videos: Pass Rush Fundamentals and Techniques, Pass Rush Games and Stunts, and Pass Rush Drills.

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