Form Tackling Technique & Drills

Form Tackling Technique & Drills features proven teaching progressions that coaches can use to develop the basic factors involved in sound form tackling. Coach Kyle Williams takes you through teaching progressions that the Football Coaches Professional Growth Association has used to teach over half of the teams in the NFL in a step-by-step fashion that can be applied to players at any level to get results. These coaching videos also include a number of drills that are designed to enhance the techniques required for effective form tackling.

Among the topics covered:

The clamp • Hit-up progression • Near Foot Teaching Progression • Profile tackle • Alley tempo • Gather tackle • Roll tackle • Vice tackle • Cut tackle • Mirror tackle • Stiff-arm tackle • Pin the spin

KyleWilliams Kyle Williams Head Football Coach at Fallbrook High School

Kyle Williams is the head football coach at Fallbrook High, School Fallbrook, CA. He is also a national consultant with the FCPGA.

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