Open-Field Tackling Technique & Drills

Open-Field Tackling Technique & Drills details how defenders should tackle an opposing ball carrier or pass receiver in the open field, as well as how to stay outside-in. The instructional coaching videos review the key factors involved in open-field tackling, including how to play in space if the ballcarrier’s pads are at the defender. This course also features several game-tested drills that coaches can employ to develop the essential aspects of sound open-field tackling.

Among the topics covered:

The shimmy • Near foot • Outside-in tackling • Alley tempo • Profile tackling • Cut tackling • Tackling pass receivers

1 Intro
2 The Shimmy
3 Near Foot
4 Outside-In Tackling
5 Alley Tempo
6 Profile Tackling
7 Cut Tackling
8 Tackling Pass Receivers
9 Conclusion

KyleWilliams Kyle Williams Head Football Coach at Fallbrook High School

Kyle Williams is the head football coach at Fallbrook High, School Fallbrook, CA.

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