Game Planning System - Be More Efficient and Effective

by Keith Grabowski
Game Planning System - Be More Efficient and Effective


In this course, you get the Game Planning System templates for offense and defense for various team and organizational situations.  This gives you the templates to use at every level of your program for offense and defense.  Whether you are two-platoon, up tempo or must split your time between offens and defense with two-way players, these templates have you covered.

Just pick the one that best fits your situation.  They are easily adjusted to create the run-pass balance you would like in your execution of reps in practice.  

You create your game plan and input it one time and your practice script and call sheets are generated for you.

Two-way player templates are appropriate for your junior high and youth programs as well.  

Create a more efficient and effective practice script. Getting the plays in the game plan and having the necessary reps for them to be effective on game day is no longer a painstaking task. Simply enter the game plan at the beginning of the week, and the script is created for every single group and team period during the week. The hours spent creating a script and making sure every play gets the necessary practice it needs is now automated.

Easily Adjusts to match your offense!

  • Call sheet, Practice Scripts & QB wristband are generated instantly as you game plan.
  • Plan for all situations you will face.
  • Reduce the stress on the play caller.
  • Give players confidence that they are prepared for all circumstances.
  • Improve work flow and free up time to watch opponent film and teach players.

The Game Planning System uses a simple process for making decisions early in the week that allow you to get the practice repetitions that will ensure the proper execution on game day.

Even though you may have an expansive, flexible offense over the course of the season, thinking you have that wide menu of plays can lead to confusion for both the play caller and the players. The fact is that there are only a limited amount of practice repetitions available, and you will only call about 60 plays (more if you are an uptempo team) in the game.

Being able to exercise discipline on your process by limiting the amount of plays that will appear on your call sheet on game day is the at the core of the Coaches Edge Game Planning System.

This is done on what is called the Game Plan Board.

The Game Plan Board gives a set number of plays which you can carry and feel confident in practicing over the course of the week. In general, the game plan board and scripts are set up to give you 50-50 balance between run and pass. If you desire to practice more running plays or more passing plays, see the "Adjusting" instructions included in each section. This allows you to create the balance you desire.


The Coach

After a 27 year career as a coach and educator, Keith Grabowski entered into coaching education full-time making an impact on the profession with his work as a writer, podcaster, and video producer.  

Grabowski’s work has made him one of the most prolific content producers in the football education market. He has become the trusted leader of an immense coach network and audience.

Grabowski hosts a daily podcast for coaches, The Coach and Coordinator Podcast.  He has served as a consultant for coaching technology companies, and a contractor for AFCA and American Football Monthly.

Grabowski holds a Bachelor’s in business administration and a Masters in Education from Baldwin Wallace University.

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