Garrett McLaughlin - Creating Explosive Plays in the Return Game

by Lauren's First and Goal
Garrett McLaughlin - Creating Explosive Plays in the Return Game


Learn how to create explosive plays in the return game with Garrett McLaughlin.

Discover proven strategies and techniques for maximizing yardage and scoring opportunities on kick and punt returns.

In this course, he covers:

  • Creating Explosive Plays in The Return Game
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Get Off Stance (Speed Stance - Outside Foot Up)
  • Chase the Hip Versus Block Away
  • And much, much more

Elevate your performance in the return game!


The Coach


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Garrett McLaughlin was a defensive line coach and special teams coordinator at the onset of 2024 with the Lions, leveraging a coaching background cultivated over three impactful seasons at the University of New Hampshire. McLaughlin demonstrated coaching prowess by mentoring defensive ends and overseeing special teams operations, resulting in notable achievements. Under his strategic guidance, the Wildcats' special teams garnered national acclaim, leading in blocked punts in 2023 and dominating kickoff and punt return yardage within the competitive CAA. McLaughlin's coaching finesse was further highlighted by Dylan Ruiz's meteoric rise, earning accolades on three All-America teams for an impressive 14.5-sack season in 2022. His proven track record of optimizing special teams performance, including top rankings in kick return coverage within the CAA and a formidable national standing in blocked punts, underscores his strategic acumen and leadership in football coaching.

McLaughlin significantly contributed to various coaching capacities at esteemed institutions such as Bates College, Wagner, New Haven, and Buffalo State. Possessing a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management from Syracuse University. McLaughlin's journey commenced as a student assistant coach, marking the inception of a career characterized by unwavering dedication, comprehensive expertise, and a profound commitment to excellence in football coaching and leadership.

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