Get the Most Out of the Smash Concept

by Spread-N-Shred
Get the Most Out of the Smash Concept


The Smash Concept is one of the most commonly used passing concepts in all of football. But most coaches are not getting the most out of the scheme. One of the reason the Smash Concept is so heavily used is that it is an easy read for the quarterback, however there are a ton of ways to create variations of the Smash while Maintaining the same easy read for the quarterback. This course was designed to show coaches how they can attack different defensive structures and coverages with the various different Smash Concepts. We address many of the issues that defenses can cause to take away the Smash including how to keep the Safety Honest or put the Flat Defender in a true bind. This course takes you thru every detail of the Smash Concept.

This Course Covers:

  • The Base variation of Smash
  • Teaching Your QB how to read Smash
  • Multiple variations of Smash that keep it simple for the Offense while creating chaos for the defense
  • What Backside Options are best to pair with Smash
  • Ways to keep the Concept Side Safety Honest
  • Putting the Flat Defender into Conflict
  • Using QB Movement to change the launch point
  • Smash Combinations to SCORE in the Red Zone
  • How to Protect your Smash Concept
  • Create Mismatches either by Formation or Motion
  • All with the use of Detailed Film Breakdown, All-22, and Playbook Sheets


Basics of the Smash
1 The Smash Concept 2:11 2 Base Read for Smash 4:45 3 Playbook Sheet: Base Smash 4 ALL-22 Base Read for Smash 0:42
Backside Options
5 Backside Options for Smash 1:28 6 Mirrored Backside 4:24 7 ALL-22 Mirrored Backside Option 0:45 8 Using Quick Game on the Backside 1:19 9 Playbook Sheet: Smash BS Slants 10 Backside Benders 5:07 11 Playbook Sheet: Smash BS Bender 12 Turn your Smash into Y-Cross 3:24 13 Playbook Sheet: Smash BS Y-Cross 14 ALL-22 Using Backside Benders or Crosses 0:57
Using QB Movement
15 Using QB Movement with Smash 5:15 16 ALL-22 QB Movement within your Smash Game 1:30
Mirroring Your Smash
17 Mirrored Variation 2:30 18 Playbook Sheet: Mirrored Smash 19 ALL-22 Mirrored Smash Concept 0:45
Using Smash Switch to Fool Defenses
20 Smash-Switch Variation 1:52 21 Deep Dive in Smash-Switch Film 3:32 22 Playbook Sheet: Smash Switch 23 Using Motion to get the most out of Smash-Switch 2:04 24 ALL-22 Smash Switch 1:18
Creating Mismatches with Slot-Fade
25 Slot-Fade Variation 2:39 26 Deep Dive into Slot-Fade Film 2:26 27 Playbook Sheet: Slot-Fade 28 Using PAP with Slot-Fade 2:44 29 ALL-22 Slot-Fade 1:17
Keep Safeties Honest with a Seam
30 Smash-Seam 1:20 31 Playbook Sheet: Smash Seam 32 RB Seam 3:35 33 Playbook Sheet: Smash RB Seam 34 Playbook Sheet: Slot-Fade RB Seam 35 ALL-22 RB Seam 0:21
Pick on the Flat Defender
36 Smash Flat 4:45 37 Playbook Sheet: Smash Flat 38 ALL-22 Smash Flat 0:37 39 Smash In 5:46 40 Playbook Sheet: Smash In 41 ALL-22 Smash In 1:01
Create Easy Completions with Smash-Out
42 Smash Out 4:15 43 Playbook Sheet: Smash Out 44 3x1 Smash Out 2:09 45 Playbook Sheet: 3x1 Smash-Out 46 Using Motion for your Smash Out 2:24 47 ALL-22 Smash Out 2:29
Win in the Red Zone w/ Smash Flare
48 Smash Flare 5:30 49 Playbook Sheet: Smash Flare 50 ALL-22 Smash Flare 0:54
When the Corner Starts to Jump the Route
51 Smash n' Go 4:12 52 Playbook Sheet: Smash n' Go 53 ALL-22 Smash n' Go 1:30

The Coach

Coach Endsley is currently an Assistant Offensive Line Coach at University of South Dakota and has experience as a Collegiate Offensive Coordinator along with being a Head Coach at the High School level. As Offensive Coordinator at Dakota Wesleyan University, he coordinated an offense that ranked in the top-20 in total passing yards and shattered the school single game record for total offense (822 yards), passing yards (510) and first downs (45) while utilizing an Air Raid base Passing Attack & RPO Heavy Run Game.

In his first season, the Dakota Wesleyan offense featured six All-Conference players including three different Wide Receivers. Before Dakota Wesleyan, Endsley also coached at Eastern Oregon University as an Offensive Line Coach. At the High School Level, he coached several All-State players while breaking school records for Total Yards, Passing Yards & Points Per Game. 

Endsley has coached two AFCA All-American Offensive Linemen along with six All-Conference Offensive Linemen in both the Frontier Conference and the GPAC Conference. Along with mentoring several great Offensive Linemen, Endsley was the Run Game Coordinator for a Top 25 Rushing Attack utilizing Spread Concepts. Endsley has a strong foundation in Offensive Line play as a Skill-Acquisition Coach for several NFL/CFL players as they prepared for the Combine, Pro-Days, and Training Camps. 

Coaching Experience:

-Assistant Coach, University of South Dakota: 2020-Present

-Offensive Coordinator, Dakota Wesleyan University: 2018-2020

-Offensive Line Coach, Eastern Oregon University: 2017-2018

-Head Football Coach, Lake Roosevelt High School: 2015–2017

-NFL Combine Preparation Coach, APX Strength: 2015– 2017

-Offensive Line Academy, Complete Athlete: 2015–2017

Accomplishments & Accolades:

-NAIA National Top 20 Passing Yards Per Game 2018, Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University

-NAIA National Top 25 Rushing Yards Per Game 2017, Run Game Coordinator-Eastern Oregon University

-DWU Single Game Record for Total Offensive Yards: 822 Yards, Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University

-DWU Single Game Record for Passing Yards: 510 Yards, Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University

-DWU Single Game Record for First Downs: 45, Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University

-Coached AFCA All-American Offensive Line x 2

-Coached GPAC All-Conference Players x 8

Ratings and Reviews (4)


Extreme levels of details on every aspect of Smash! Love the different variations along with the reasoning behind each variation. The Film is awesome as well because you can take it from paper to the field and see how the concepts work in real game situations!

Sep 26, 20 09:07 PM

Jordan Erickson

Another great course from Coach Endsley and Spread-N-Shred!

Dec 13, 20 06:43 AM

Eric Struck

Fascinating look at the flexibility of the Smash concept. There are many simple and practical ways to use the Smash concept in this course. We have used Smash in the past but after watching this course we are planning on making it a bigger part of what we do.

Apr 15, 21 06:28 AM

keith talbert

Great course!

Apr 16, 21 06:36 AM

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