Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator Starter Kit

by Coach Mike Cross
Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator Starter Kit


The job of head coach or coordinator can be a taxing one, especially when you are creating coaching material from scratch. A well-organized coach spends a vast majority of their time designing a plan to fit various needs of their team during the season. How these decisions are made and communicated directly impacts the success of the program. Since most coaches have been doing the same planning processes that were used when leather helmets were worn, this opens up an opportunity to get a leg up on your competition.

This Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator Starter Kit is a 21st century answer to 20th century planning problems.

This kit includes:

  1. Sample Offensive Goal Tracking Sheet
  2. Overall Offensive System Intro Sheet
    • This is where the program terminology can be inserted such as formation names, personnel groups, tempo changes, cadences, and blocking schemes.
  3. System Install Schedule
  4. Signal Sheet - For teams who use signals to call in plays.
  5. 5 Different Practice Plans
    • 3 Generic Practice Plans
    • 1 2-A-Day Practice Plan
    • 1 Bench Control Practice Plan
  6. 1 Practice Playlist Template
  7. 3 Wristband Sheet Templates
    • Skill Position
    • Offensive Line
    • Goal Line (BONUS)
  8. 2 Call Sheet Templates 
    • W/ Additional example of V1 Call Sheet filled out.
  9. Defensive Tendencies Chart Template
  10. Situational Breakdown Chart
  11. Offensive Depth Chart Template

Once you have gained full access to the course you will be able to fully utilize this kit to your teams’ specific needs. While it was developed in Excel it is still fully functional as a Google Sheet. 



The Coach


Coach Mike Cross

Former High School Head Coach


With seven years of coaching experience including coaching at Otterbein University and two stints in Indiana's MIC conference, I’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to the organization of a football program. Pairing my coaching experience with undergraduate degrees in Sports Management & Business, as well as a Master's in Business Administration, you get a coach who understands the importance of the delicate balance between football knowledge, team culture, and program organization. In addition to my hands-on coaching experience, I have spent numerous hours of professional development devoted to football principles and organizational best practices. Having attended The Ohio State University's coaches clinic the past seven years, as well as a myriad of lectures and clinics at the Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Cincinnati Glazier Clinics, I have seen clearly the organizational strategies that allow coaches to shine, and teams to be consistently successful.

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Mookie Hopkins

Great session!

Feb 23, 23 07:54 PM