How to Install The 4.2.5 Defense E-Book

by Jerry Campbell
How to Install The 4.2.5 Defense E-Book


How to Install The 4.2.5 Defense” to defend both traditional and No-Huddle Hurry Up Offenses is a complete installation of the 4.2.5 and its ability to get lined up with technique without giving up your base defense.  This book offers an in-depth installation process vs any and all offensive schemes whether you are faced with traditional or hurry up offenses.  This product gives you base alignments and coverages as well as blitz packages.  This Ebook offers technique and drills for all defensive positions and will be a great addition to your football library.


The Coach


Jerry Campbell

Clovis West (CA) High School Football Coach


Since 2002 Jerry Campbell Football has made available a comprehensive look at College Football Coaching, High School Football Coaching, youth football training and developing skill in all aspects of the game of football. Coach Campbell's Football Coaching Videos, Manuals, Books, and DVD's have been written and produced to be thought-provoking, as well as a guide to help coaches evaluate and enhance their philosophies, knowledge, preparation, and schemes. Coach Campbell's Offensive football books, defensive football books and kicking game football books are filled with X & O diagrams that feature detailed explanation and coaching points. Coach Campbell's Football books and football DVD's can be used to install a complete football offense, defense and kicking game packages into your own program, or use Coach Campbell's football books and football DVD's to enhance what you are currently doing. In either case, your knowledge on the game of football is guaranteed to improve.

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