Hurry Up No Huddle Strategies
by Pro Style Spread Offense

Find out what you really need to know about Hurry Up No Huddle Strategies (HUNH) in this course that details the three main ways to run this offense. Coaches and teams at any level and with any kind of offense will find this helpful to incorporate tempo changes to throw defenses into confusion. Topics covered in this course: Situational: How you can put in just a couple simple plays and strategies to easily gain an advantage at the pivotal points in a game. Series Based: How to build your situational HUNH to put up points fast when you need them.  Identity Based: How to build an offense that is based on a HUNH philosophy and the key elements that are needed in order to be successful.  If you want to try to run the Hurry Up No Huddle this season, this will get you on the right track with what you need to make it happen and be successful out the gate.  Make things easier on yourself because a successful HUNH needs to start day one using strategies you will use all season long.  I've found it's 10x harder and way more frustrating to change up things mid-season when they don't work.  Book it now before more modules are added and the course goes up.  Future modules are planned to bring more resources to coaches who want to win using HUNH strategies in their offense. 

JasonHahnstadt Pro Style Spread Offense Helping Coaches Build Great Offenses

Jason has been studying the game of football since he first became a coach at the collegiate level in 1999. His passion led him into a variety of coaching positions where he enjoyed learning new systems from a wide variety of coaches at multiple levels. Jason is as passionate about coaches education as he is about coaching the game of football. Check out Jason's appearances on the Winning Youth Coaching podcast as well as The Sports Parenting Podcast. He was also the first coach to pioneer taking the flipped classroom into physical education and coaching under the influence of John Bergman, the pioneer of the Flipped Classroom Movement. As an author, Jason has been published in John's book titled "Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement". Currently, Jason teaches Physical Education in Chicago's North Suburbs and is also the founder of The Pro Style Spread Offense Football System.  Football Coaching Experience: Special Team Coordinator, 2012 – 2013, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois Offensive Coordinator, 2009 – 2011, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois Defensive Coordinator, 2007 –  2009, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois Offensive and Defensive Line, 2005, Muncie South Side High School, Muncie, Indiana Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers, 2000 to 2005, Taylor University Football, Upland, Indiana (Under Head Coach Steve Wilt) Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers, 1999 to 2000, Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois (Under Head Coach Andy Lambert)

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Good entry level course to HUNH
Dec 10, 2017 05:46:39 AM