Inside & Outside Zone Run Game

by Jason McManus
Inside & Outside Zone Run Game


-->  24 Minutes of Game Film on Outside Zone

1-RB backfield;  2-RB backfield; Pistol;  with an H-Back....

No Tight End, 1 Tight End, 2 Tight Ends

No Motion, With Motion

If you STOP IT, then McManus fakes and runs POP Pass (course 6) or RPO (course 5) or good old fashion Play Action (course 4).

....BOTTOM LINE....YOU WON'T STOP IT.  Nobody has.  55 wins in 4 years.  FOUR STATE TITLES.  3,700 rushing yards.

Oh wait...that's just ONE play.

What about INSIDE ZONE?

10 more minutes of game film with all the formations, different backfield sets, motion.....

------and maybe the QB pulls it and runs.  Maybe he pulls it and passes. 

The defense will never be right.



The Coach


Jason McManus

MacAttack Air Raid RPO System


Coach Jason McManus was a college coach for 12 years before becoming the offensive coordinator at South Pointe High School in South Carolina.  Playing in the highest classification, South Pointe won 4 consecutive state titles, had a 55-5 record including a 26-game win streak, and was ranked #6 in the country by USA Today.

Coach McManus MACATTACK offense scored 711 points and amassed 6,702 yards (3,639 rush, 3,063 pass) in ONE season.  The MacAttack Offense averaged 44.9 points per game in 2018, 47.1 points per game in 2017, 39.8 points per game in 2016 -- for a 3-year average of 43.9 points per game!  During that same span the offense has averaged 476.3 yards per game playing in South Carolina's highest classification. 

Coach McManus MACATTACK has produced an All-State or All-American QB for 4 consecutive years. 

Ratings and Reviews (10)

Justin Price

Excellent Course

Nov 12, 19 11:02 AM

Jason Ford

Coach Mac's stuff is easy to learn and teach! You can destroy a defense with these courses!

Nov 7, 19 07:28 AM


Great Stuff!!! Very informative.

Nov 11, 19 01:39 PM

Mike Weingart

This whole course is outstanding! Highly recommended.

Nov 12, 19 08:44 AM

Clarence Smalling Jr.

Fantastic and very useful content.

Nov 12, 19 11:28 AM


Excellent course! Lays out the inside and outside zone in detailed and understandable manor. It also gives good detail on specific coaching points. I highly recommend the entire system.

Nov 12, 19 02:49 PM

Ed Zeva

Coach McManus simplifies zone to be able to be taught to multiple positions on the field. A valuable resource.

Nov 13, 19 09:02 PM


Very helpful and informative

Nov 19, 19 08:35 AM


So dynamic yet so simple to teach.

Nov 29, 19 07:54 AM

Michael Westmoreland

championship level course

May 11, 20 05:34 AM

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