Jay Wilkinson - Attacking Multiple Coverages with the Passing Game

by Southern California Football Coaches Association
Jay Wilkinson - Attacking Multiple Coverages with the Passing Game


Do you want to learn how to attack any type of coverage with your pass plays? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach Jay Wilkinson reveals whiteboard Xs and Os and game film that you need to be able to dice up your opponents' coverages. If you are a coach who needs help developing your passing game, then you do not want to miss out on this course!

He begins by talking about how you need to know what family of coverage your opposing team is using. He shows off and explains multiple types of coverages for you to see what different teams run. This will help give you a base knowledge to be able to implement a competitive advantage to your offensive strategy. He emphasizes that you need to know the pass patterns, rather than pass routes, that can break up these different types of coverage families. He also speaks on the importance of defining landmarks for your QBs and WRs to know. He explains all of these landmarks in-depth and they may seem simple, but it is important especially to teach them to your freshmen who may be starting out playing football for the first time

He then breaks down his GAS concept that is perfect for 1-on1s. The G stands for Go and the S stands for Stop. He wants the receiver to make the decision at 5 yards if he can beat the corner to run a fade route or a stop route. He breaks down this concept even more with game film to show off a true 1-on-1 or if there is a linebacker and safety to the 1 receiver side as well. 

Then he breaks down his Branch concept which is basically trips with another slot receiver. He uses a whiteboard to fully explain the routes and what the QB should be reading. Then he shows off how it can work against multiple coverages with game film.

He further breaks down his EdgeDemonDouble, and Curls concepts that you do not want to miss. This educational course is a must to enhance your passing game! 


The Coach

Jay Wilkinson | Fayetville High School | Offensive Coordinator & QB Coach

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