Jericho Silvernail - Survival Guide for Young Coaches

by Southern California Football Coaches Association
Jericho Silvernail - Survival Guide for Young Coaches


Are you a new, young, up-and-coming coach? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach Jericho Silvernail reveals his top 10 tips for new coaches to have a successful career. He not only reveals these tips but also has honorable mentions for every coach to follow in order to be a good coach to your kids and have lifelong success. This course is a must if you need help getting your bearings in coaching or just want to learn how to be a better coach in general. 

His first tip, is You don't Know as much as You Think You Know. There is so much that goes into coaching whether it is behind-the-scenes drama, politics, who plays, or who does not play. As a young coach starting out part of your job is to make the Head Coach's job easier. Helping them deal with the little things that may not seem important is huge so they can focus on getting the team ready for gameday.

His second tip is, Don't Focus on the Level You Coach. If you are caught up in coaching the JV squad and only want to coach Varsity, then you have the wrong mindset. It does not matter what level you are tasked with as you are gaining valuable experience coaching at any level. Especially as a new, young coach, you will learn more in one season coaching lower levels of football with a good mindset than not giving it your all.

In order to learn more about the rest of the tips, you need to get this course! These tips will help you create a healthy mindset when you first start out and set you on the track to success.

He has 3 honorable mentions that will help ensure that you can become the best coach possible. First, he explains to Go to the Convention. Coaches steal from coaches all the time nowadays. It is okay to see something that works from other coaches and use it for your success. Going to these conventions allows you to gain invaluable knowledge about the game and network and make lifelong relationships with other coaches. Next, he explains to Have Mentors. The mentor can be anybody (mainly a senior coach) who can teach you and help you grow as a coach. Every coach has someone they have learned from and created relationships that heavily influence who they are and what they do for their kids. You want to find someone who loves the game and is a lifelong learner. Finally, he reveals to Be Yourself. It is okay to do things your way and use what your mentors and conventions teach you, but do not lose who you are in the game. Be yourself, keep your values, and instill a culture in your team that works for you and the rest of the team where everyone is on board.

If you are a new coach who wants to become the best coach they can be and move up the coaching ladder, this is the course for you!


The Coach

Jericho Silvernail | Long Beach City College | Defensive Recruiting Coordinator

Coach Jericho Silvernail is in his 3rd year with Long Beach City College. 

Coaching History:

  • Long Beach City College
  • Cerritos High School
  • Peninsula High School
  • Santiago High School

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