Justin Stovall - Kickoff Return

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Justin Stovall - Kickoff Return


Coach Justin Stovall of Colombia University teaches us his philosophy, plays, and execution of the Colombia kickoff return.


Being a Special Teams Coordinator
1 Being a Special Teams Coordinator 4:28
About Coach Stovall
2 About Coach Stovall 0:57
E.A.T Philosophy
3 E.A.T Philosophy 3:36
Kickoff Return Basics
4 Kickoff Return Basics 5:00
Base Alignments
5 Base Alignments 1:01
Return: Power Right
6 Return: Power Right 1:41
Return: Power Left
7 Return: Power Left 2:46
Backside Double Team Block
8 Backside Double Team Block 1:17
Frontside Double Team Block
9 Frontside Double Team Block 0:16
Kick-out Lead
10 Kick-out Lead 2:17
Don't Break The Wall
11 Don't Break The Wall 2:08
Princeton vs Columbia Game Film
12 Princeton vs Columbia Game Film 8:42
Columbia vs Princeton Game Film
13 Columbia vs Princeton Game Film 2:59
Columbia vs Dartmouth Game Film
14 Columbia vs Dartmouth Game Film 3:32
Columbia vs Harvard Game Film
15 Columbia vs Harvard Game Film 4:12
Columbia vs Yale Game Film
16 Columbia vs Yale Game Film 3:09
Columbia vs Cornell Game Film
17 Columbia vs Cornell Game Film 1:57
Q & A
18 Q and A 5:22

The Coach


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Coach Justin Stovall begins his sixth season at Columbia University in the dual role as the Lions’ linebackers coach and special teams coordinator. He began his current appointment in March 2015.
In his five seasons at Columbia, Stovall has built a dominant and reliable special teams unit in all facets and a strong, dependable and athletic linebacker corps. Stovall’s units helped Columbia amass 14 victories combining 2017 and 2018, the program’s highest win total in consecutive years since the institution joined the Ivy League in 1956, and back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 1961 and 1962.
Under Stovall from 2015-19, Columbia has established 44 new team and individual special teams school records, led the league 13 times in various special teams categories including blocked kicks, kickoff return average, punt return average, net punting average, kickoff coverage, on-side kicks and PAT kicking, and also ranked among top-20 national leaders in 21 different categories. Meanwhile, a total of three placekickers, four punters and two return specialists have earned All-Ivy League honors during that span and four punters graduated from Columbia and pursued a fifth year of NCAA eligibility at various Southeastern Conference schools (Cameron Nizialek, Parker Thome, Matthew Panton and Oren Milstein).

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