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More with 4 System - Inside Zone with Tags

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More with 4 System - Inside Zone with Tags


In this course Coach Singleton builds on his popular More with 4 eClinic by discussing how he installs and utilizes the Inside Zone within the More with 4 System. Included are Offensive Line Drills he uses to teach Zone Blocking.


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Slade Singleton has spent the last 10 seasons developing his "More with 4 System" with simplicity at its core.  Using this system, he has minimized the learning curve for his players while helping turn around multiple struggling High School programs.  Coach Singleton's teams pracitce these simple concepts until they are good at them and then they add window dressing to make them appear diffrently to the Defense. In addition to its simplicity, one of the strenths of the this system is that you do not need exceptional athletes to execute it.

Ratings and Reviews (15)


Good stuff coach, I really like the slice tag.

Mar 7, 19 08:25 PM


Great job

Mar 5, 19 09:16 PM


Great course for all levels!

Mar 6, 19 08:33 AM

John Bronkhorst

Coach Singleton has done it again!!! Great course that I highly recommend for any coach who is looking to build off their IZ package.

Mar 6, 19 09:02 AM

Joaquin Escobar

I really enjoyed this course. Great in depth instruction on the inside zone.

Mar 6, 19 09:24 AM

Michael Rowe

Coach Singleton has done it again! This course breaks down he uses inside zone and the different tags to attack the grass against the defense.

Mar 6, 19 10:55 AM

Michael Behr

Another great job Coach Singleton. Well done and very professional.

Mar 6, 19 04:33 PM


Great stuff from Coach Singleton, as always!

Mar 7, 19 06:28 AM

Chris Wofford

With Inside Zone being a staple of our system, having different tags makes it that much better of a play. Coach Slade does a tremendous job explaining why the tags make your IZ that much better. Recommend for anyone running IZ.

Mar 7, 19 07:50 PM


An excellent resource for somebody wanting to install inside zone!! Coach Singleton has a simple systematic approach on how to teach this play from fundamental techniques all the way to scheme tags to help you have an answer when the defense throws you a curve ball. I cant recommend this course strongly enough.

Mar 9, 19 07:23 AM

Josh Wolfram

Coach does a great job explaining his tags with Inside Zone. I think simplicity is a big key with teenagers today. Easy to understand and implement with any type of kids. I think one of the biggest advantages is that the OL only learns one blocking scheme for IZ and all the tags that you can run with it. Thanks Coach

Mar 10, 19 08:52 PM

Matt Weber

Great course. Great overview of inside zone with very effective tags. Really appreciate the game film and practice clips. Highly recommend. Thanks.

Mar 11, 19 07:30 AM


If you are looking for a system that is effective at all levels, look no further than Coach Singleton. Another great job around building an offense around few concepts.

Mar 12, 19 06:46 AM

Austin Van Es

Awesome course coach, can’t wait to implement some of these tags in our offense this spring.

Mar 21, 19 05:40 PM

billybob225 bob

Very informative. Learn new concepts.

Jul 11, 21 06:54 PM

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