Oklahoma`s GT Counter

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Oklahoma`s GT Counter


Since Lincoln Riley took the reins of the Oklahoma Sooners they have established themselves as one of the best Offenses in all of College Football and a major part of that success is rooted in the GT Counter Scheme. They didn't create the GT Counter by any means but they have perfected it and brought it back into being one of the most popular run schemes in all of football. All levels are incorporating the GT Counter but no one has been able to replicate it on the scale that the Sooners have. Inside this breakdown you will learn several key aspects that make the GT such a lethal weapon:

  • The 3 W's of any Gap Scheme & How to Drill them to Perfection
  • Present different looks & scenarios for your Offensive Line
  • How to coach the techniques behind how Oklahoma is able to dominate up front
  • How to adjust when the defense isn't static Post-Snap
  • Coaching the Runningback's Footwork & Reads in Oklahoma's GT Counter
  • SEVERAL different Variations of GT Counter
  • The RPO Game that Oklahoma pairs w/ there GT
  • Formationing to always have the Angles & Advantage
  • How to Use Motion to Cause Major Hesitation for the Defense

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The Reason Behind GT Counter
1 Introduction to Oklahoma's GT Counter 3:01 2 Why GT Counter??? 5:22
The 3 W's and How Oklahoma Implements Them
3 The Wall 2:24 4 Teaching the Gap Combo 3:33 5 Seal & Post Player 3:05 6 Drilling & Working the Gap Scheme Combo 4:19 7 In Game Examples of the Wall Being Formed 6:24 8 Windshield Wiper 2:42 9 In Game Examples of the Windshield Wiper 4:12 10 Center's Back Block 2:34 11 The Wham 1:35 12 Wham Techniques 4:00 13 In Game Examples of the Wham 8:14 14 The Wrap 2:42 15 Wrap Pull Technique 3:41 16 Film of In Game Examples of the Wrap 5:50 17 Working your Pulls 3:06 18 Putting It All Together 2:10 19 The Full Picture w/ In Game Examples 7:47
Prepping the Different Looks You Can Get
20 Oklahoma GT v. All Looks 21 Talking Thru Blocking the Even Front 4:03 22 GT v. Even (Playside 3-Tech) 23 GT v. Even (Playside 2i) 24 Talking Thru Blocking the Odd & Okie Fronts 4:10 25 GT v. Odd (3-2) 26 GT v. Okie (32 Will Jetted) 27 Talking Thru Blocking the Stack Front 3:12 28 GT v. Stack 29 Talking Thru Blocking the Bear Front 2:27 30 GT v. Bear (51) 31 GT v. Bear (52) 32 Being Able to Handle Defensive Techniques & Rules 5:02
Runningback on GT Counter
33 Runningback Footwork 3:33 34 Film of the Runningback Footwork 4:47
Oklahoma's Variations of GT Counter
35 Variations of GT Counter 1:50 36 The GT Counter Read 1:36 37 GT Read Film Breakdown 7:01 38 The GT Counter Flat 3:01 39 GT Counter Flat Film Breakdown 4:12 40 Capped GT Counter 1:54 41 Capped GT Counter Film Breakdown 3:17 42 The GT Counter Track 2:39 43 GT Counter Track Film Breakdown 5:26 44 The GT Bash 4:28 45 The GT Bash Swing 1:53 46 GT Bash Film Breakdown 4:36 47 The GT Base 2:24 48 GT Base Film Breakdown 3:18
Elements of GT Counter
49 Attaching RPO's to GT Counter 3:06 50 Film Breakdown of RPO's paired w/ GT 6:33 51 How to Use Formation & Motions w/ GT 5:35 52 Examples of how to Formation your GT 3:34
Course Wrap Up
53 GT Counter Wrap Up 1:59
Downloadable Resource
54 Downloadable: Oklahoma GT Counter Playbook 55 Oklahoma GT Counter Playbook

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I think this is the 15th course I have bought from you guys and everyone of them have been top notch. We have been running GT counter for years and I learned a lot to help my guys. The coolest thing was I had a question and they answered it the same day with diagrams to help me understand. AWESOME!!!

Jun 7, 21 03:39 PM

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