Pass Tags to Protect Perimeter Runs

This course gives coaches a quick clinic on an effective pass tag that will conflict aggressive interior backers on perimeter run designs.  Updated with new film and revisions from it's previous version, the lessons will detail all the specifics on attaching a double slant concept to outside zone and buck sweep schemes.  In addition, Tyler Dorton details how to formation this concept to add explosive opportunity as well as route adjustments to man coverage.  Course includes detailed coaching points, common adjustments, diagrams, raw video, and voice-over clips.  

tdorton Tyler Dorton

2018-Present: Offensive Coordinator , Ada High School, Ada, OK

2017-2018: Head Football Coach, Westville High School , Westville, OK 

2015-2017: Offensive Coordinator: Lincoln High School, Lincoln, AR 

2014-2015: Passing Game Coordinator: Greene County Tech High School, Paragould, AR 

2013-2014: Co-Offensive Coordinator: Searcy High School, Searcy, AR 

2011-2013: Special Team Coordinator/ WR coach: Newport High School, Newport, AR

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