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Tyler Dorton



Young Man’s Game (Tyler Dorton)

About YMG: The “Young Man’s Game” umbrella title stemmed from experiences in my career as a young man navigating the terrain of high school football at multiple stops. The hidden meaning behind the title also describes the paradox of being on the cutting edge of the game, while keeping the fundamental belief in old school ideology. My purpose is to create “Clear & Concise” content in a format which Morris my philosophies on playing and coaching with urgency and clarity. I want to give coaches quick Video, details, diagrams, occasional (short) voiceover bites, in clinic presentation format. Leaving no stone unturned, with elaborate concise details and coaching queues so coaches can implement and make it their own and get results on the field with a sense of urgency. All content has been utilized and developed for years, to provide the most efficient designs and strategies available to “grinders” and “risers” trying to find another edge. Although most content is centered around 2-back spread, the ideas and plays themselves can be utilized by multiple systems.

About Me: Tyler Dorton
I’m a believer in an up-tempo 2-back package run/ play-action offense, with a decade of coaching and coordinating experience at the high school ranks.

-(Offensive Analyst) Fayetteville HS, AR
-(Offensive Coordinator) Ada HS, OK
-(Head FB Coach) Westville, OK
-(Offensive Coordinator) Lincoln, AR
-(Pass Game Coordinator) GCT HS, AR
-(Co-Off. Coordinator(, Searcy HS, AR
-(Sp. TEAMS Coordinator/WR) Newport, AR