Teaching Quarters: 2-Read (Palms/Cloud)

by Cody Alexander
Teaching Quarters: 2-Read (Palms/Cloud)


This course takes you from the classroom to the field with Coach Alexander. First up is the foundational tools needed to build coverages. Then a look at a playbook. Practice implementation is discussed along with film. Finally, Coach A. goes through a clinic cut-up detailing the nuances within 2-Read Coverage. Tags are provided with examples, including the SQUAT and STICKS techniques. The goal of this clinic is to give you a foundational knowledge of the scheme so that you can implement it within your program.


The Coach


Cody Alexander

MatchQuarters | #ArtofX


Coach Alexander is the author of a site dedicated to the defensive side of the ball. Along with the website, Coach A. has written three books on defense, Cautious Aggression: Defending Modern Football, Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense, and most recently Match Quarters: A Modern Guidebook to Split-Field Coverages. 

Ratings and Reviews (4)

Matt Garvin


Apr 29, 20 06:04 PM


Fantastic reviews of the basics. Love the drills!

May 4, 20 05:47 PM

Austin Wilbanks

Awesome Clinic! Great philosophy! If you like quarters then, Cody A. is your guy. If you are a quarters person then this clinic is a must see. 2-read is a critical coverage in the quarters arsenal.

May 31, 21 10:08 AM

Chris Kyhl

Good course with lots of good coaching tips as well as film to see in both practice/game situations

Jun 21, 21 04:10 AM

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