The Ohio State Offense: Pass Game

by Touchdown Analysis
The Ohio State Offense: Pass Game



This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Series

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Get an in-depth understanding of the core plays and layers from one of the most explosive offenses in the Big 10.

This scheme brought Ohio State within one play of knocking off the defending National Champs in the college football playoffs.

This course goes in depth into Ryan Day's offensive playbook that was so good at getting some of the Nation's best explosive offensive playmakers in space so consistently.

Included in this course:

  • Ohio State's best play action and boot passing concepts 
  • Quick game concepts that attack spacing and leverage fast!
  • Unique motion that gives the QB strong pre-snap reads depending on how the defense reacts
  • And more!

FAQ: Who Calls Plays for the Ohio State Offense?
A: Head Coach Ryan Day is the primary play caller for Ohio State’s offense. Coach Day may occasionally rely on Offensive Coordinator Bryan Hartline who is gaining experience in this pro style offense.

Coach Day’s play calls have produced some elite offensive players in recent years such as Justin Fields, CJ Stroud, and Marvin Harrison Jr. 

While Ohio State averages 298.3 yards per game in the passing game, they still have effective run plays stemming from their power runs and zone run game. Ohio State’s top 10 offense has made a major contribution to their dominant stretch in the Big 10 during Coach Ryan Day’s tenure.

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1 Access the Complete Ohio State Playbook
Play 1: Ace Trail Shallow Y Corner
2 Diagram 5:41 3 Film 3:04
Play 2: Corner-Flat to Boundary / Fade Pivot Swing
4 Diagram 3:27 5 Film 3:32
Play 3: 2x2 Z Shallow Sting
6 Diagram 2:17 7 Film 2:51
Play 4: Trips Cash Slot Glance
8 Diagram 2:18 9 Film 2:34
Play 5: Empty Snag Middle Dig
10 Diagram 1:59 11 Film 3:05
Play 6: Jumbo I Wing Hac Stretch Naked Y Delay Corner
12 Diagram 2:42 13 Film 3:05
Play 7: Jet Orbit Return Boot Slide Y Drag
14 Diagram 3:51 15 Film 2:12
Play 8: Empty Bunch Motion to Boundary Stack Smash / Spacing
16 Diagram 3:00 17 Film 3:06
Play 9: FIB Trey Sail-Smash X-Burst
18 Diagram 2:37 19 Film 2:22
Play 10: Trio PA Power Pitch Verts Switch
20 Diagram 2:46 21 Film 2:31
Play 11: Pistol 2x2 PA Wide Zone Z Comeback X Cross S Seam
22 Diagram 2:37 23 Film 3:15
Play 12: Duo H Motion PA X Smoke and Go
24 Diagram 2:39 25 Film 2:26
Play 13: RB Reload Motion PA Reverse Out X Hook Z Post
26 Diagram 2:15 27 Film 2:45
Play 14: Slot Orbit Flat PA Z Dig
28 Diagram 3:06 29 Film 2:26
Play 15: Slot Orbit Flat PA Z Dig
30 Diagram 2:55 31 Film 2:04

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