Air Raid Quick Game

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Air Raid Quick Game


If I had to use one word to describe an Air Raid Offense it would be Efficiency. The best passing attacks have efficient schemes that rely on their Quarterbacks to have high completion percentages. Quick Game is a way to attack Defensive Structures & Coverages in an Efficient Manner, getting the ball into your play-makers hands in space. I also believe that the Air Raid has simplified the Quick Game to the point that anyone could use these Base Concepts. However if you want to advance your quick game we go into detail about how you can use Motion & Formation to dress up your quick game and keep the defense guessing. Thru this course we will teach you all about how to use Quick Game whether you are a pure Air Raid team or you are just looking to improve your Quick Game, these schemes can be used in any offense. If you want to learn all the secrets of the Air Raid Quick Game look no further than this course, which will include:

  • The base Variations of the Air Raid Quick Games, including QB Reads & Progressions
  • How to make adjustments to get the most out of the concepts while staying simple for your players
  • How to Package Backside Concepts in order to attack any defense or coverage
  • Using Motion & Formation to get an advantage on the Defense
  • Incorporating your Quick Game in your RPO Schemes
  • Learn how Quick Game can be your answer to scoring in the Red Zone
  • Film & Playbook Sheets to show you exactly how to use the Quick Game Concept


1 What you get w/ Air Raid Quick Game 3:03
Backside Concepts
2 Backside Options for your Quick Game 3:43 3 DBL Slants 6:42 4 Slant-Swing 6:23 5 Using Dig Concepts on the Backside (Benders/Dagger/Glance) 4:17 6 Backside Fade 2:06
7 The Y-Corner Concept 2:07 8 QB Reads & Progressions for Y-Corner 3:41 9 Deep Film Dive of Y-Corner 2:03 10 Attacking Man Coverage with the Y-Corner Concept 2:02 11 Using Orbit Motion with the Y-Corner Concept 2:40 12 Using the Y-Corner in the Red Zone to Score 2:31 13 Using Condensed Formations & Tite Splits to get the Most out of Y-Corner 2:01 14 Old School Texas Tech Running Y-Corner under Mike Leach 2:51 15 Using Burst Motion to Create a Natural Rub 1:58 16 3x1 Y-Corner 1:27 17 Using 3x1 Y-Corner as an RPO 4:57 18 Using 2x2 Y-Corner as an RPO 1:22
19 The Y-Stick Concept 2:04 20 QB Reads & Progressions for Y-Stick 3:44 21 Using Stick as an RPO 4:16 22 Stick Flip Concept 1:23 23 Using Stick out of Empty Formation 3:55 24 Create a Quads Dynamic with Stick 3:08
25 The Flat Concept 2:55 26 Film Study on the Flat Concept 4:48 27 Defeating Cloud Coverage with the Flat Concept 2:03 28 Utilizing QB Movement w/ the Flat Concept 2:04 29 Running Flat out of a 3x1 Formation 1:36 30 Using the Flat Concept as an RPO 3:01 31 The Flat as a Free Access RPO Throw 2:15
32 The Outs Concept 2:14 33 Film Study on the Outs Concept 2:45 34 Using Condensed Formations to get the Most out of the Outs Concepts 1:28 35 Using the Out Concept as an RPO 1:14
ALL-22 FILM (Multiple Clips on Each Concept)
36 Y-Corner Film 5:23 37 Y-Stick Film 3:22 38 Flat Film 4:42 39 Outs Film 2:34
Playbook Sheets
40 Playbook: Base Y-Corner 41 Playbook: Y-Corner w/ Orbit Motion 42 Playbook: Y-Corner BS Bender 43 Playbook: Y-Corner BS Dagger 44 Playbook: 3x1 Y-Corner 45 Playbook: Y-Corner w/ Smoke Motion 46 Playbook: Y-Corner BS Fade 47 Playbook: Y-Corner RPO 48 Playbook: Y-Corner 2-Man RPO 49 Playbook: Base Y-Stick 50 Playbook: 3x1 Y-Stick 51 Playbook: Stick Flip 52 Playbook: Y-Stick Quads Dynamic 53 Playbook: Flat 54 Playbook: 3x1 Flat 55 Playbook: Flat RPO 56 Playbook: Outs Concept 57 Playbook: Outs as an RPO

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Ratings and Reviews (5)


Great attention to detail on this one. Top notch

Sep 25, 20 02:43 PM


Everything that you need to run the air raid quick game is here. The film examples really helped, and we went thru them with our QB to help him understand. Love this course!

Nov 27, 20 06:57 PM

Bob Goodvin

If You Want to Incorporate the Quick Game into your Offense this is an excellent tool

Apr 15, 21 06:19 AM

Kyle Roberts

Love the structure of the course & the playbook at the end. Also the clips and film breakdown made it easy to learn the concepts. Well developed course that any coach can learn from.

May 19, 21 07:29 AM

John Lewis

Love It! Not just base quick game but adjustments and what to look for from a defense. course also covered how to use the schemes as RPO's & how to make alterations in the red zone.

May 20, 21 07:19 AM

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